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Exclusive Interview to - GIBRAHAYER.COM

Tell us a little about yourself, your life and family

I was born on 26th of April, 1987 in Yerevan – Armenia. I was raised in a family of musicians. I was a very active kid. I always loved sports and music. I started singing from the age of three. To be frank, my mum was the person who embedded my love to music. Being an established musician, my mum guided me throughout my life and taught me everything that I know to this day. My dad, although not being a professional musician like my mum, has his own passion towards music. He plays on over 5 instruments and also composes music and writes the lyrics to his songs. Therefore, I may say I took after him as far as composing is concerned. My sister too plays the piano since the age of 5.


Which countries have you lived in?
As I said before I was born in Armenia. I lived there for the first 4 years of my life and then my family and I moved to Moscow – Russia. We lived in Moscow for 3 years and then we moved to Cyprus. Therefore, it has been 14 years since I have been living in Cyprus.

Eurovision 2009 Russia

Which schools have you attended?

I attended the Nareg Armenian Elementary School, the Melkonian Educational Institute and the Frederick Institute/University Of Technology where I studied Graphic and Advertising Design.

What are your hobbies and interests?
As I mentioned previously I was always involved in sports, mainly football. I played in the Junior “Ararat” football team where I was the captain and top-scorer for two years. I had a lot of passion towards football. My dream was always to become a singer and a football player. When I was a teenager I also started Breakdancing. My friends and I formed the first Breakdance crew in Nicosia (“Ground Masters”). I have to say though music is my main concern now. All my other interests have now become secondary.

Having lived in several countries at a young age how do you think this has helped you with your music career?
It definitely has! I speak 4 languages and the lyrics of my songs include nearly all of these languages. I have experienced 3 different countries and each one of them has left its cultural impact on me. This also made me very open-minded. I am an RnB singer,
but my program can range from opera to jazz. This is mainly because of my mum, as
she has embedded the classical music in me, which makes it easy for me to understand
and respect all styles of music.

Have you taken part in any competitions prior to Eurovision Cyprus finals?
Yes, I have. In 1997 I won the 1st Prize in the Pan-Cyprian Song Competition “KATAKLYSMOS”. Furthermore, again in 2000 I won the 2nd prize in the same competition. The same year I took part in the TV Singing Competition “AFETERIES” and I was the youngest singer to enter the finals. In 2007 I was chosen from 7000 and entered the semi-finals of 150 participants of the International Singing Competition of Young Singers “NEW WAVE”, representing Cyprus.

What have been your greatest achievements so far?
Except of the competitions which I mentioned before, I have met many interesting people in my life, from whom I have learnt a lot. One of them is my producer and sound engineer Afana, with whom we have become like brothers.

Who are your greatest influences in your life and how?
My mother! Not only because she is an amazing musician, but also because she is the best mum in the world and a very strong person! It is because of her that I have become who I am today.

What artists/bands influenced you in your music?
I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson. I have to say though I have been greatly inspired by the music of Usher, Craig David and Chris Brown.

Tell us a little about the song "I wanna thank you"
This song is a very personal song for me. Both the music and the lyrics were written by myself. It does not matter who inspired me to compose this song, what matters is the message that this song gives: “No matter what happens, it happens for a reason, even if that experience is not the most pleasant one. Instead, just thank the people who have made you go through such an experience which in return made you a better and a stronger person”.

What made you submit your entry to the Eurovision Cyprus finals?
I will be honest with you. I did not compose this song for Eurovision. It was a last minute decision to send it. I simply wrote this song to let out my emotions and feelings.

What can our readers expect to see during your performance at the February 7th Cyprus Finals?
I have been working on my performance, as I believe it is an important element. I do not want to announce it as I want it to be a surprise.

During the February 7 Cyprus Finals you will be competing against some well established musicians, Alex Panayi and Marlen Angelidou just to name a few. How does this make you feel?
I respect and appreciate all of the musicians that have made it to the Final. I understand that some of them are well established and that the competition is going to be tough. However, all I want is to work hard and do my best and make sure that the audience enjoys the show. Let the best song win!

What will it mean to you to be able to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2009 in Moscow?
It will mean everything to me! First of all I will be honored to represent Cyprus! Eurovision is a big challenge for every musician. It is also an opportunity to become known to the world. I believe as a musician, I will learn a lot from such an experience.

Any messages you would like to pass on to our readers and your fans?

For all the people that support me and believe in me, I would like to say that regardless of the final result I am never intending to stop singing and composing music, as it is a party of me. I am preparing my 1st album, so stay tuned...As to the readers, guys just fight for what u love and believe in. Never give up and every time that you fall, just stand up, dust yourself off and continue your journey. This is how you will become a strong person. May 2009 be a good year for all of us.


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