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European Court of Human Rights Provides More Options to Sue Turkey

By Harut Sassounian
Publisher, The California Courier

While there is frequent talk about the pursuit of Armenian claims against Turkey in the International Court of Justice (World Court), the possibility of taking legal action in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is rarely mentioned, despite its distinct advantages.

The key difference between the two courts is that only governments can file lawsuits in the World Court, while any individual, group or state can take legal action in the ECHR, giving Armenians countless possibilities for lawsuits against the Turkish state. Litigants before ECHR must first exhaust all domestic remedies and be from one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, which includes Armenia and Turkey.

It is not a coincidence that Turkey leads the list of countries being sued in ECHR, as in the last two and half years alone, over 20,000 cases have been filed against that country. Contrary to popular belief, Turkey has no choice but to comply with all ECHR judgments if it wants to maintain its membership in the Council of Europe. This explains why the Ankara government has diligently paid tens of millions of dollars to litigants after losing hundreds of ECHR judgments.

A case in point is ECHR’s October 1, 2013 decision against Turkey, in which the court awarded over 5 million euros (close to $7 million) to two Greek brothers, Ioannis Fokas and Evangelos Fokas, who live in Katerini, Greece. The Turkish courts had barred them from inheriting their sister Polikseni Pistika’s buildings in Turkey because of their Greek nationality.

In their lawsuit, the Fokas brothers claimed that “they had been deprived of the ownership and use of three immovable properties in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, namely three buildings and land, which they were entitled to inherit from their sister.” The expropriated properties consisted of an eight-story building worth 3.3 million euros, a six-story building worth 1.4 million euros, and a four-story building worth 400,000 euros, based on the appraisal by an Istanbul real estate agency.

The ECHR found that the Turkish courts’ “refusal to recognize the applicants’ status as heirs constituted an interference with their right to peaceful enjoyment of their possessions and that such interference was incompatible with the principle of lawfulness…. Accordingly, recognition of the applicants as the heirs of Polikseni Pistika…would place them in the position they would have been in, had the State [Turkey] not expropriated the deceased’s property.… In those circumstances, an award of compensation for the pecuniary loss seems to be the most appropriate just satisfaction (see Nacaryan and Deryan vs. Turkey, no. 19558/02 and 27904/02, <<<<16-17, January 8, 2008). The Court considers that such an award principally corresponds to the amount that the applicants could legitimately expect to have obtained as compensation for the loss of their property, had there been a mechanism to request such compensation.”

Based on the above ruling, the European Court awarded the Greek brothers 5 million euros for their expropriated real estate, as well as compensating them for their “anguish and frustration which the applicants must have experienced over the years in not being able to use their properties.” The Court ordered the Turkish government to pay the amount of the award to the applicants within three months.

In the referenced Nacaryan and Deryan vs. Turkey case, ECHR found that the Turkish courts had also violated the rights of Yeran-Janet Nacaryan and Armen Deryan by claiming that as Greek citizens, they could not inherit the property of their deceased relative in Turkey “on the ground that the condition of reciprocity between Greece and Turkey had not been met.” ECHR declared Turkey guilty and awarded the two Greek-Armenian applicants a total of 500,000 euros.

At the international conference of Armenian lawyers held in Yerevan last July, Constitutional Court Chairman, Gagik Harutunyan, announced the formation of a committee of experts to study the legal merits of filing a lawsuit against Turkey to remedy the massive losses resulting from the Armenian Genocide.

Given the fact that ECHR provides for European Council litigants many more opportunities than the World Court, the recently-formed Armenian committee of legal experts should cast a wider net in considering the possibilities of filing lawsuits against Turkey in the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in national and international courts

Neither Obama Nor Romney Deserve Armenian-Americans’ Votes
By Harut Sassounian - Publisher, The California Courier

During my recent trip to Armenia, journalists repeatedly asked which US presidential candidate I supported in the November 6 elections. My answer was clear and unequivocal: I supported neither Pres. Obama nor Governor Romney. Upon my return to the US, I was pleased to learn that the Armenian National Committee of America had made the same decision by not endorsing either candidate.

This was not a difficult decision. Both candidates have been disappointing. The President has not kept his word on many Armenian and non-Armenian issues, while his rival has not shown the slightest interest in the Armenian-American community and its issues.

Here is Pres. Obama’s long list of unkept promises on Armenian issues:

1. During the 2008 presidential campaign, he repeatedly pledged to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, and broke his promise after the election.
2. Furthermore, the Obama administration opposed the adoption of a congressional resolution on the Armenian Genocide.
3. Pres. Obama significantly reduced the amount of foreign aid to Armenia and Artsakh (Karabagh). Moreover, his administration did not spend the full amount of aid Congress had allocated to Artsakh.
4. He pressured Armenia to sign the infamous “Protocols” with Turkey in 2009.
5. He did not press Turkey to lift its blockade of Armenia.
6. He remained silent in the face of repeated saber-rattling by Azerbaijan’s President against Armenia and Artsakh, and ignored his campaign pledge to support Artsakh’s self-determination.
7. In late December 2010, circumventing the "hold" placed by U.S. Senators, Pres. Obama unilaterally appointed Matt Bryza as Ambassador to Azerbaijan. Bryza’s candidacy had been overwhelmingly opposed by the Armenian-American community.
8. Breaking another promise, Pres. Obama failed to promote trade with Armenia.
9. He and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not respond to repeated requests to meet with Armenian-American community leaders to address their concerns.

Armenian-Americans do not need to beg Pres. Obama to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, since Pres. Ronald Reagan had issued such a statement in his Presidential Proclamation of April 22, 1981. By not acknowledging the Armenian Genocide, Pres. Obama simply undermined his own credibility. Most Armenian-Americans trusted him in 2008. They no longer trust him in 2012! As the popular saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

Those who think that such an assessment is too harsh and too narrowly focused on Armenian issues should be advised that Pres. Obama has not kept 86 other promises on national and international issues, according to

Governor Romney has not fared any better with Armenian-Americans. He has avoided any contacts with the community, making no attempt to seek their support and votes. The concern is that if he shows such callous disregard when he desperately needs every single vote to get elected, he will most definitely not pay any attention to Armenians and their issues after the election!

Clearly, it is unwise for both presidential candidates not to court the support of Armenian-American voters in crucial swing states, at a time when the race is so tight that a handful of votes could mean the difference between victory and defeat. However, it is still not too late for the two candidates to sit down with the leadership of the Armenian-American community and address their concerns. This will not be an easy conversation. As it would be practically impossible to trust Pres. Obama’s new promises, his only credible response would be to take a positive step on an important Armenian issue before Nov. 6! Gov. Romney, on the other hand, has more of an uphill battle. Being a candidate, he can only make promises that would not be taken too seriously at this late hour.

To avoid being fooled again by false promises, the Armenian-American community needs to adopt a new election strategy. Only those candidates who have fulfilled their campaign promises during their first term in office should be supported for reelection. Promises made by new candidates or those with no solid record of accomplishments on Armenian issues should be simply ignored.

Finally, not voting for either presidential candidate does not mean sitting out the elections. One third of the US Senators are up for reelection as well as all 435 House Members. Armenian-American voters should reward candidates supportive of their issues by voting them back into office, and should punish their opponents by voting them out of office! Please consult ANCA’s ratings of all congressional candidates on



sassounianEGMEN BAGISH
Turkey's Minister of Genocide denial...

By Harut Sassounian - Publisher, The California Courier 22.02.2012


Even though all Turkish government officials routinely deny the Armenian Genocide, one particular minister has turned denial into a full-time job. Ironically, as Minister for European Union Affairs, Egemen Bagish has harmed Turkey’s prospects for EU membership more than any of its critics!
Although Bagish has been making zany statements ever since his ministerial appointment two years ago, his recent blunder in Zurich made headlines around the world. The Turkish Minister arrogantly dared Swiss authorities to arrest him after boasting that "the events of 1915 were not genocide!" Switzerland has a law that penalizes genocide denial, similar to the law now pending in France. A Swiss prosecutor is investigating Bagish’s words and his diplomatic status to see if charges could be filed against him for genocide denial.
Of course, it does not take much courage to hide behind the cover of diplomatic immunity and make Don Quixotic statements, challenging the laws of other countries. If Minister Bagish were truly a macho man, he would waive his immunity, go to Switzerland, and publicly deny the Armenian Genocide. However, it appears that the feisty Minister has chickened out! After boasting that he would gladly return to Switzerland to deny the Armenian Genocide again, he facetiously declared that he would not go to Switzerland, since he has no money in Swiss banks! The real reason for the Minister’s abrupt change of heart is his fear of getting arrested should the Swiss prosecutor rule that his diplomatic immunity does not protect him from the crime of genocide denial.
How much longer can Prime Minister Erdogan tolerate Mr. Bagish’s clownish antics that make Turkey look like a rogue state in the eyes of the world? Admiring his fluency in English, the Prime Minister had offered this 41-year-old former New York college student a top ministerial post, not realizing what a liability his loose tongue would prove to be!
Just as Pres. George W. Bush’s nonsensical statements became known as "Bushisms," the world now has a rich collection of "Bagishisms!" Here is a sampling of his preposterous remarks:
- "What happened in 1915 can’t be classified as genocide as far as I’m concerned, but I was not around in 1915!"
- "I’m a politician. My job is to determine the future, not the past!"
- "In recent years, every one has seen that more Europeans are moving to Turkey than vice versa."
- During a recent conference in Qatar, Minister Bagish became the laughing stock of the audience, when he proudly announced that "Europe" is a Turkish word! The Greek Ambassador to Qatar angrily responded: "Europa was one of the lovers of Zeus in Greek mythology, everyone knows that!"
- Minister Bagish does not seem to realize that he is contradicting himself by asking other countries to open their archives to see if there was an Armenian genocide, while concluding that there was no genocide! The least he could do is have the decency to keep his mouth shut until the Ottoman archives are fully open. Meanwhile, the archives of other countries have been open for decades.
- Rattling off the witty Americanisms he picked up in the streets of New York, such as "a day late and a dollar short," Bagish told Euronews: "This is execution without trial. Calling the 1915 events a genocide based solely on information we have right now comes from a lobby that nurtures malicious hatred."
- "Germany was a strong ally of the Armenians in 1915, so the Germans should open their archives and give documents to historians for examination," Bagish told EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, according to Hurriyet newspaper. Bagis made two factual errors in one sentence: Germany was the ally of the Ottoman Empire, not Armenians; and the German archives have been open for years!
- "There’s no force that could bring about the arrest of any Turkish Minister," Bagish bragged to journalists. Why is he then afraid to waive his diplomatic immunity and then deny the Armenian Genocide in Switzerland?
- Bagish keeps on repeating the falsehood that the Armenian government "did not have the courage to respond to Prime Minister Erdogan’s letter requesting the formation of a commission of historians to study the Armenian Genocide." In fact, the then Pres. Kocharian did answer, suggesting that all outstanding issues between the two countries be resolved in the larger context of government to government relations. It was the Turkish Prime Minister that did not respond to Armenia’s President.
While Minister Bagish has diplomatic immunity, the rest of Turkey’s population does not enjoy such a privilege. It may be a good idea to accord immunity to all 72 million Turks in order to shield them from prosecution, when they utter the words "Armenian Genocide" in Turkey!


Armenians Sue Turkey Claiming U.S. Air Base Land
By Harut Sassounian - Publisher, The California Courier

Over the years, Armenians have gradually shifted their attention from the recognition of the Genocide to the pursuit of legal remedies for their massive losses suffered between 1915 and 1923.

Several lawsuits have been filed recently in U.S. Federal Courts against Western insurance companies and banks. In July, Armenian-American attorneys sued the Republic of Turkey and its two major banks, seeking compensation for confiscated properties and loss of income.

A new federal lawsuit was filed last week by attorneys Vartkes Yeghiayan, Kathryn Lee Boyd and David Schwarcz, along with international law expert Michael Bazyler, against the Republic of Turkey, the Central Bank, and Ziraat Bank for “unlawful expropriation and unjust enrichment.” The plaintiffs are Los Angeles-area residents Rita Mahdessian and Anais Haroutunian, and Alex Bakalian of Washington, D.C.

The three Armenian-Americans, who have deeds proving ownership of properties stolen from their families during the Genocide, are seeking compensation for 122 acres of land in the Adana region. The strategic Incirlik U.S. Air Base is partly located on their property.

During the Genocide, the Turkish government initially placed all properties belonging to Armenian victims under seal. Subsequently, it directed the Ziraat Bank to hold all proceeds from the sale of seized properties in trust and for safekeeping on behalf of the Armenian owners. These properties were then transferred to the Turkish Treasury and placed under the administration of the Central Bank. The lawsuit accuses the Republic of Turkey, the Central Bank and Ziraat Bank of unfairly benefiting from the plaintiffs’ seized assets.

The three Turkish defendants are currently engaged in commercial activities in the United States which grants jurisdiction to U.S. courts. The Republic of Turkey operates several state-owned or controlled enterprises in the U.S., such as the Turkish Airlines and Tourism Information Office. Both the Central Bank and Ziraat Bank also have offices in the United States.

In addition to seizing the Armenian plaintiffs’ property, the Turkish government has pocketed the rent paid by the United States for the Incirlik Air Base during the past 60 years. The base is operated by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- a U.S. Department of Defense entity. Several major American corporations, such as Baskin Robbins, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and AT&T transact business and provide services on the base for U.S. troops. These companies have also been profiting from Armenian-owned lands for many years.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs "are suffering harm from the loss of use and proceeds from their property.” Turkey and its Central Bank’s "continued unlawful use of the property causes a direct effect in the United States because a U.S. commercial entity pays money" to Turkey to lease the Incirlik Air Base and "is engaged in a long-term business arrangement with defendants…."

The lawsuit also states that the "plaintiffs’ action is additionally based upon their rights in property unlawfully expropriated by defendant Turkey in violation of international law, pursuant to a Turkish campaign of genocide…. International law prohibits the taking of property when it is done in a discriminatory way or pursuant to gross violations of human rights. Plaintiffs’ property was taken pursuant to the genocidal campaign of the Ottoman Turkish Empire to destroy, in whole or in part, Armenian Christians in Turkey."

The plaintiffs assert that after the Genocide, the Turkish government transferred Armenian-owned "businesses, factories, shops, farms, and all other economic enterprises into Turkish Muslim ownership," Yet, the most shocking charge is the accusation that the Turkish authorities used "the proceeds derived from the sale of Armenian property to fund their deportation." It is noteworthy that beyond depriving Armenians of their lives and property during the Genocide, Turkish authorities strictly forbade the survivors from reclaiming their properties, by stamping their passports "Return prohibited."

The Armenian-American plaintiffs estimate the current value of the property seized from their families to be $63.9 million, since their land constitutes 3.7% of the $1.7 billion “plant replacement value” of the Incirlik Air Base, according to the latest U.S. Defense Department data. The plaintiffs are demanding the current fair market value of their property as well as the accrued rental for the past 60 years, possibly totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. This lawsuit does not include the value of other Armenian properties in Incirlik, including a church and school.

In the coming months, several other lawsuits are expected to be filed in U.S. courts against the Turkish government and other Turkish entities, including a claim for the Turkish Presidential Palace in Ankara, which is located on land owned by the Kassabian family.






Armenians should stay away
from Turkey until assassination
plot is Investigated

By Harut Sassounian - Publisher, The California Courier

The Turkish Cihan wire service made a sensational revelation last week -- a Turkish hit squad had planned to assassinate a visiting Armenian Parliamentarian on March 22, 2009.

Based on information obtained from Turkish security services, Cihan disclosed that Mutlu Erdogan and Selcuk Onur Ozyilmaz, members of the Turkish Unity Revenge Squad (Turk Intikam Birligi Teshkilati), were plotting to kill an unnamed ARF (Tashnag Party) leader. They were tipped off about his presence in Turkey, after he had acquired a Turkish cell phone.

The Armenian Weekly, a Boston-based ARF publication, speculated that the target of the Turkish hit men may have been Ara Nranyan, an ARF Parliamentarian from Armenia, who was in Turkey to attend a Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) conference as Chairman of the Audit Committee of BSEC's Parliamentary Assembly.

During a phone conversation, the hit squad members discussed their plan to assassinate Nranyan, but decided to postpone their intended action, having learned that the security forces were trailing them. "Let a few months pass and we will slowly begin to conduct operations. We won’t stand idly by," the conspirators told each other on a phone call which was monitored by Turkish authorities.

The ARF Bureau press office expressed concern that "information about Nranyan’s entry to Turkey was made available to a terrorist organization," noting that "such information could have only been provided by the Turkish state."

Meanwhile, a Turkish police report established a link between the hit squad and Ergenikon, a covert group of military and intelligence officials who carried out terrorist operations, including political assassinations, in order to create mayhem and instability in Turkey with the aim of toppling the elected government.

"Nranyan’s visit was not secret, but it was not a high profile visit either. So, it is possible that the information the alleged plotters had was from a source within the Turkish government," ARF Bureau political affairs director Giro Manoyan told the Armenian Weekly. "We are taking the issue seriously and looking into it, trying to find out as much information as possible," he added. "The information is disturbing because it corresponds with certain facts," said Manoyan. "In a country where someone like Hrant Dink who was considered a ‘dove’ was gunned down in broad daylight, we wouldn’t be surprised that a member of the ARF, generally viewed in Turkey as ‘hawks,’ would be targeted," Manoyan noted. Indeed, it was revealed that the Ergenikon group had even planned to assassinate the Armenian Patriarch of Turkey!

It is surprising that ever since this most serious revelation, no Armenian government official has bothered to make a statement or issue a condemnation. Not even the Chairman of the Armenian Parliament has raised his voice at the news that a member of his legislative body had been targeted for assassination.

One would have expected that the Armenian government would have pressed Ankara to disclose how a hit squad was alerted about the upcoming visit of an Armenian Parliamentarian to Turkey -- was it through a phone company insider, a Turkish visa officer or a state official who knew of Nranyan’s plan to attend the BSEC conference?

Armenia should demand that Turkey conduct a thorough investigation of this ugly incident and disclose the steps taken to ensure that such leaks to terrorists about visiting Armenian dignitariesto do not take place in the future. Until Yerevan becomes satisfied that the Turkish government is doing everything possible to guarantee the safety and security of Armenian visitors, no Armenian official or tourist should step foot on Turkish soil, and no Armenian athlete or sports team should participate in any tournament in Turkey. No more soccer diplomacy! Also. until further notice, no Armenian from the Diaspora should visit Turkey.

Strangely, some naïve Armenians do not seem to realize that when they go to Turkey on vacation, they are not simply visiting another country, but going into enemy territory. Since there are no diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey, no Armenian consular official can come to the assistance of an Armenian citizen in trouble, as was the case in the killing of a pregnant Armenian woman near Ankara, and the beating of an Armenian family vacationing in Antalya.

Armenians should raise this assassination plot at every opportunity through the global media and international meetings, particularly the Black Sea Economic Cooperation conference, demanding that Turkish officials bring severe charges against the accused hit men, disclose the findings of their investigation, and take preventive steps before Armenia agrees to send another official delegation to Turkey.


Հայերը պետք է հեռու մնան Թուրքիայից` մինչև մահափորձի հետաքննության կատարումը

Հարութ Սասունյան

Հենվելով անվտանգության ծառայությունից ձեռք բերված տեղեկատվության վրա, «Ջիհան» գործակալությունը բացահայտել էր, որ «Թուրքական միության վրիժառուների կազմակերպության» (Turk Intikam Birligi Teshkilati) անդամներ Մութլու Էրդողանը և Սելջուկ Օնուր Օզիլմազը ծրագրել էին սպանել ՀՅԴ կուսակցության անանուն ղեկավարներից մեկին: Թուրքիայում նրա գտնվելու մասին ահաբեկիչները տեղեկացել էին` վերջինիս կողմից թուրքական բջջային հեռախոս ձեռք բերելուց հետո:

Բոստոնում լույս տեսնող «The Armenian Weekly» ՀՅԴ շաբաթաթերթը ենթադրում է, որ թուրքական ահաբեկիչների թիրախը կարող էր լինել Հայաստանի Հանրապետության Ազգային ժողովի ՀՅԴ խմբակցության անդամ Արա Նռանյանը, որը Թուրքիայում մասնակցում էր Սևծովյան տնտեսական համագործակցության (ՍԾՏՀ) համաժողովին` որպես այդ կազմակերպության Խորհրդարանական վեհաժողովի աուդիտորական հանձնաժողովի նախագահ:

Ահաբեկչական խմբի անդամները hեռախոսազրույցի ժամանակ քննարկել էին Նռանյանին սպանելու իրենց ծրագիրը, սակայն որոշել էին հետաձգել մտադրված գործողությունը` իմանալով, որ անվտանգության ուժերը հետևում են իրենց: «Թող մի քանի ամիս անցնի, իսկ հետո` առանց շտապելու կիրականացնենք մեր գործողությունը: Մենք ձեռքներս ծալած չենք նստելու», միմյանց ասել էին դավադիրները հեռախոսային խոսակցության ժամանակ, որը վերահսկվել էր թուրքական իշխանությունների կողմից: 

ՀՅԴ Բյուրոյի մամլո դիվանը մտահոգություն էր հայտնել, որ «Նռանյանի` Թուրքիա մեկնելու մասին լուրը մատչելի է դարձել ահաբեկչական կազմակերպությանը», նկատելով, որ «նման տեղեկատվություն կարող էր տրամադրվել միայն թուրքական պետության կողմից»:

Մինչդեռ, թուրքական ոստիկանության զեկույցը հաստատում էր, որ կապ է եղել ահաբեկչական խմբի և «Էրգենիկոնի»` զինվորական և հետախուզական պաշտոնյաների մի գաղտնի խմբի միջև, որն ահաբեկչական գործողություններ է իրականացրել, այդ թվում, քաղաքական սպանություններ` Թուրքիայում քաոս և անկայունություն ստեղծելու համար` ընտրված կառավարությունը տապալելու նպատակով:

«Նռանյանի այցը գաղտնի չէր, բայց միևնույն ժամանակ բարձր մակարդակի այց էլ չէր: Ուստի, միանգամայն հնարավոր է, որ այդ տեղեկատվությունը դավադրության կազմակերպիչները ստացել են թուրքական կառավարության աղբյուրներից», «The Armenian Weekly» պարբերականին ասել է ՀՅԴ բյուրոյի քաղաքական հարցերով տնօրեն Կիրո Մանոյանը: «Մենք հարցին լրջորեն ենք վերաբերում` փորձելով որքան հնարավոր է շատ տեղեկություններ ձեռք բերել», ավելացրել է նա: «Տեղեկությունը շատ մտահոգիչ է, քանի որ այն համապատասխանում է մի շարք փաստերի», ասել է Մանոյանը: «Մի երկրում, որտեղ Հրանտ Դինքի նման անձնավորությունը, որն «աղավնի» էր համարվում` գնդակահարվեց օրը ցերեկով, մեզ չէր կարող զարմացնել, որ Թուրքիայի կողմից, սովորաբար «բազեների» կուսակցություն համարվող ՀՅԴ անդամը թիրախ դառնար», նշել է Մանոյանը: Իրոք, պարզվել է, որ «Էրգենիկոն» խումբն անգամ մտադիր է եղել սպանել Պոլսո Հայոց պատրիարքին:  

Զարմանալի է, որ այսպիսի լուրջ բացահայտումից հետո Հայաստանի կառավարության որևէ պաշտոնյա նեղություն չքաշեց հանդես գալ հայտարարությամբ կամ դատապարտման ուղերձով: Անգամ Հայաստանի Ազգային ժողովի նախագահը ձայն չբարձրացրեց` իր օրենսդիր մարմնի անդամի` սպանության թիրախ դառնալու լուրերի առնչությամբ:

Պետք էր ակնկալել, որ Հայաստանի կառավարությունը ճնշում կգործադրեր Անկարայի վրա` երևան հանելու, թե ինչպե՞ս է ահաբեկչական խումբը տեղեկացել հայ պատգամավորի` Թուրքիա կատարելիք գալիք այցի մասին, արդյո՞ք հեռախոսային ընկերության աշխատակցի, վիզաների թուրք ծառայողի կամ պետական որևէ պաշտոնյայի միջոցով, որը տեղյակ է եղել Նռանյանի` ՍԾՏՀ համաժողովին մասնակցելու ծրագրերի մասին:

Հայաստանը պետք է Թուրքիայից պահանջի մանրամասն հետաքննություն անցկացնել այս սպառնալից միջադեպի առնչությամբ և քայլեր ձեռնարկել` երաշխավորելով, որ հայ բարձրաստճան պաշտոնյաների հետագա այցերի մասին տեղեկությունների արտահոսք չի լինի ահաբեկիչներին: Մինչև պաշտոնական Երևանը չհամոզվի, որ թուրքական կառավարությունը հնարավոր ամեն ինչ անում է հայ այցելուների անվտանգությունը երաշխավորելու համար, ոչ մի հայ պաշտոնյա կամ զբոսաշրջիկ չպետք է ոտք դնի Թուրքիա, և ոչ մի հայ մարզիկ կամ մարզական թիմ չպետք է մասնակցի Թուրքիայում անցկացվող մրցաշարերին: Ոչ մի ֆուտբոլային դիվանագիտություն: Նաև, ոչ մի սփյուռքահայ չպետք է այցելի Թուրքիա` մինչ նոր ծանուցում:

Սակայն, զարմանալիորեն, որոշ միամիտ հայեր չեն գիտակցում, որ արձակուրդն անցկացնելու համար Թուրքիա մեկնելով, նրանք ոչ թե պարզապես այլ երկիր են մեկնում, այլև` մտնում են թշնամու տարածք: Քանի դեռ Հայաստանի և Թուրքիայի միջև գոյություն չունեն դիվանագիտական հարաբերություններ, ապա ոչ մի հյուպատոսական հայ պաշտոնյա չի կարող օգնության հասնել վտանգի մեջ հայտնված հայ քաղաքացուն, ինչպես դա տեղի ունեցավ հայ հղի կնոջ հետ, որը սպանվեց Անկարայի մոտակայքում, և ծեծի ենթարկված հայ ընտանիքի հետ, որն իր արձակուրդն էր անցկացնում Անթալիայում:  

Հայերը բոլոր հնարավոր միջոցներով պետք է այս մահափորձի դեպքը բարձրացնեն համաշխարհային լրատվամիջոցներով և միջազգային հանդիպումներում, հատկապես ՍԾՏՀ համաժողովում` Թուրքիայի իշխանություններից պահանջելով ծանր մեղադրանքներ ներկայացնել ահաբեկիչներին, բացահայտել հետաքննության արդյունքները և կանխարգելիչ քայլեր ձեռնարկել` մինչ Հայաստանը կհամաձայնի մեկ այլ պաշտոնական պատվիրակություն գործուղել Թուրքիա:

Թարգմ.` Ռ.Ավագյանի




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