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ASBAREZ - 5 May 2011 - ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Parliamentary bloc Chairman Vahan Hovannesyan was elected a Vice-President on Tuesday during the inaugural session of EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly, which brings together elected representatives from the EU Eastern Partnership countries.
       The EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly was devised to provide a parliamentary dimension to the EU’s eastern partnership, as part of the EU’s neighborhood policy. It consists of 60 members of the European Parliament and 10 members of parliament from each of the five eastern partner countries.


 more images of the inauguration here
Gibrahayer e-magazine Thursday 5 May: Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus, inaugurated the new building of the Larnaca Chapter of the AGBU on Thursday May 5. The event was attended by the Armenian MP in the Cyprus Parliament Vartkes Madessian and Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, who delivered prayers and blessed the new building. 
       The Armenian Cultural Centre is located at 13 Kilkis Street.
       The project was made possible due to the encouragement, support and substantial contribution made by the AGBU Central Board, as well as contributions received from the AGBU Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia Chapters. Furthermore, from its inception the project received the full support of the Kalaydjian Foundation in Cyprus whose representatives Roupen and Dikran Kalaydjian through their speeches welcomed the President of the Republic and highlighted the importance of the center to the future life of the Armenian community of Larnaca.






On Friday May 6 at 8:00pm the much anticipated annual performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter will take place at the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia. The event is SOLD OUT. No tickets are available.
       SIPAN will also perform at the Larnaca Municipal Hall on Friday May 15.
       Director/Choreographer Felix Haroutunian, who has been teaching Hamazkayin dance ensemble in Beirut for almost two decades, has been working hard with the Cyprus chapter and they are expected to thrill the audiences with a versatile bouquet of dances and songs.

The afterparty:
The Nicosia performance will be followed by a Dinner at HMEM / AYMA with exquisite buffet by Sevan Der Bedrossian. Live music by Garo Geugkezian from Lebanon. Price: 20 euros. Limited seats available. Reservations with Shoushig Baklian 99-667828 and Louise Aynedjian on 99533684.


4 May

ANKARA - Turkey (AP) - Turkey has launched a project to conserve an ancient Armenian cathedral and a church in what is seen as a gesture of reconciliation toward its neighbor.
Turkey and Armenia have been locked in a bitter dispute for decades over the mass killings of Armenians in Turkey in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Efforts to normalize relations have been dealt a setback by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan is a close Muslim ally of Turkey.
Turkey, however, says it is committed to improving ties with Armenia and has already restored the 10th century Akhtamar church, perched on a rocky island in Lake Van in eastern Turkey. It has also allowed once-yearly worship at the site as a gesture to Armenia and its own ethnic Armenian minority.
Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay said on Tuesday the new project was being launched in partnership with the World Monuments Fund to conserve the remains of the cathedral and the Church of the Holy Savior in Ani, 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the eastern Turkish city of Kars.
According to the New York-based World Monuments Fund, Ani — "one of the world's great cities in the 10th century" - was once the site of hundreds of religious buildings, palaces, fortifications, and other structures. Today it stands abandoned, and the remnants of its celebrated buildings are in a precarious state.
The site, in an earthquake-prone area, has been listed on the World Monuments Watch since 1996.
"Ani, which is of global significance, presents particularly complicated challenges," Gunay said. "We hope that giving new life to the remains of once-splendid buildings, such as the Ani Cathedral and church, will bring new economic opportunities to the region."
The Turkish government recently completed restoration of the Church of Tigran Honents' and the Mosque of Manucehr, converted from a church by invading Seljuk Turks at Ani, which is situated right on the Turkish-Armenian border.
The area was long off-limits in a militarized area, which has been gradually demilitarized since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today, it attracts tourists from around the world.
The new conservation work will primarily aim to strengthen the Ani Cathedral and the Church of the Holy Savior against temblors, said Bonnie Burnham, the president of WMF.
The cathedral, designed by Trdat - the chief architect of the Pakradouni kings of Armenia who rebuilt the dome of Istanbul's huge Hagia Sophia church following an earthquake in the late 10th century - is considered to be a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture, the fund says. Earthquakes, however, have completely collapsed the building's central dome as well as its northwest corner.
Like the cathedral, the church also suffered severe quake damage and a 1930 lightning strike collapsed the southeast side of the building, Burnham said in a statement.
"There has long been international concern about the fragile condition of the many extraordinary ruins at Ani," said Burnham. "We hope that this work will usher in a new era in the life of this important site."
According to the fund, Ani reached its cultural golden age in the second half of the 10th century, when it became the political and commercial center of the Pagratid Armenian kingdom. At its height, its population exceeded 100,000 people, the fund said. By the mid-11th century, the city began to decline due to internal strife, earthquakes and invasions by various groups, including Seljuk Turks.
The Culture Minister did not say whether Turkey would also allow prayers at Ani once the restoration is complete. The Ministry on Wednesday would not reveal the estimated cost of the project, which is also supported by the U.S. Department of State's Ambassadors Fund as well as the WMF.
Osman Kavala, head of the Anadolu Kultur, a non-governmental culture organization that helps coordinate the partnership with the WMF, said preparations for the actual restoration work are expected to cost US$1 million (672,000 euro) alone. He said the restoration is likely to start as early as 2012 and is expected to take four years.
"This project is significant to protect the world's cultural heritage," Kavala said Wednesday. "But being on the border, it might also serve as a bridge to improve relations between Turkey and Armenia."

THURSDAY 19 MAY 8:30 pm
K-CINEPLEX Hall 2 - Strovolos


Screening of the documentary
The documentary has been made possible by the initiative and efforts of the Office of the
Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian


Melkonian Alumni and Friends Picnic on May 1


Links of the week:
Financial Mirror article and video on Magaravank pilgrimage : here
Images: March and vigil by Marlen Shahinian and Armen Demirdjian : here (1)
Images: March and Vigil: here (2)
Images: March and Vigil by Misho Ananikian: here (3)
Youtube Video: March on Armenia street - April 24 in Cyprus: here
"Adanayi Voghpe" sang by Zohrab Kouyoumdjian at the commemoration event: here


Editorial by Simon Aynedjian - Gibrahayer e-magazine - Nicosia 22 April, 2010 - Armenians in Cyprus have a singular, complex and fateful mission in these historic lands. Our conflictual history continues on an island that its own turbulent history converges, and blue-prints a common path with its people, with whom we now walk together and face the challenges of tomorrow.
       We are not just another community trying to make the next day away from our lands, as our island is littered with "forensic evidence" that is being challenged day-in day-out a century later.
       On yet another pilgrimage to Magaravank our community re-evaluates, prepares and declares.

- We are travelling to Sourp Magar Monastery this Sunday, not as tourists but as owners of our land. Owners, not only of the lands that belong to our Church within the property of the Monastery, but as owners of the occupied lands around it, as Cypriot citizens.
- The effects of the Genocide as well as the invasion of Cyprus are as current as the time they were perpetrated. Time will heal the wounds, only if Genocide and invasion are called with their name, evaluated and addressed as such.
- If the loots of Genocide and invasions are rewarded, we all run the risk of building societies that accept violence and build a future based on it.
- Turkish society is increasingly showing signs of coming to terms with its past. Turkish Cypriots, as witnesses of the influx of the first Genocide survivors of the Armenians in Cyprus and the first society that welcomed the Armenian refugees, have a unique role to serve as a catalyst in assisting Turks in the mainland for reconciling with their past.

The "forensic evidence" must be put on the table.

However, this is not enough.

In order to claim what rightfully belongs to us and to stay as a strong link in the history of the Armenians in Cyprus, we have to stay committed.
- Committed to taking the correct decisions when we run our community affairs, politically, culturally, and most important of all regarding our educational institutions.
- Committed to the process of a Cyprus solution that will recognise the fundamental human rights of all the people of Cyprus, free from military presence and military threats.
- Committed to showing the world that Cyprus can be a model of co-existence between the ethnic and religious minorities in which Armenian and Turkish Cypriots will serve as a model of peace.
- Committed to our history and our link to the past.
- Committed... to our land and in the name of the our lands from which we were forcefully driven away .... not just once.

This year too...
when we all make our way to Sourp Magar Monastery, when we face the path that brought us here and created our community when we face and sing "Cilicia" across the sea and the land that our forefathers called "home" ...
Let us renew our vows and stay committed
in the name of our lands...
 Financial Mirror article and video on Magaravank pilgrimage : here


April 30, 2011 - Armen Ayvazyan, Director of the Ararat Center for Strategic Research has sued Hayk Demoyan, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, and is demanding a total of 3 million AMD in compensation; 1 million for personal injury and 2 million for slander.
This is the latest in a series of charges and counter-charges that the two have recently been flinging at each other.
Ayvazyan claims that Demoyan slandered and defamed him in an interview given to "Veradardz" TV program producer Harout Bronozyan on March 30, 2011 in the United States, and in a article Demoyan wrote that appeared in Hetq Online on April 12, 2011.
Ayvazyan notes that Demoyan called him a "provocateur", "a man afflicted with the frenzy of vanity", "a gang leader", and "a state criminal", etc.
In addition, Ayvazyan, in his legal suit claims, that Demoyan declared that "Armen Ayvazyan had swallowed the Turkish bait" and had committed a state crime by turning down the lights at the Dzidzernagapert Genocide Memorial on September 6, 2008 when President Gul of Turkey was in Yerevan for a football match between the two countries’

national teams.



Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra - About a month ago, Gibrahayer e-magazine Chief Editor Simon Aynedjian went for a walk to the Turkish-occupied part of old Nicosia with a few friends. Meandering its narrow streets, he stumbled upon an interesting inscription. It has three years (1791, 1801, 1805), all accompanied with a date in September. Although the script is Armenian, the language is Turkish, as the first reference is “Sepdemper 1in de” (on the 1st of September). Another Turkish inscription in Armenian letters can be found at the old cemetery for a certain Sdepan Papazian, who died on 20 August 1875.
Upon seeing the first inscription, I consulted with my good friend and educator Vartan Tashdjian, who was able to understand that it was in Turkish, then my also good friend and half-deghatsi Elsie Utidjian, who supplied me with important information about the house, as well as my also good friend and half-deghatsi Berge Kouyoumdjian, for more information. I finally contacted dear Eliz Keshishian at the Arachnortaran to collect some final information. And here’s what I found:
The house on which the inscription is was owned by Yevnige Sinanian, who lived there with her sister Eojenie. They inherited it from their parents, Apraham and Sima Sinanian; Apraham (1844-1894) was from Yozgat, whereas Sima (1859-1929) was an Armenian-Cypriot of unknown surname; there is mention that some of her ancestors perhaps came from Caesarea at an uncertain period. When in 1913 Sima’s son Philip Sinanian, a civil servant stationed around the island, returned to Nicosia, Sima’s sister Anna gave him what was then the garden of the original house, to build his own house, in which he lived with his four daughters and his wife Gulenia Boudakian, Artin Bey Melikian’s niece. After Gulenia died in 1927, he married her sister Marie. And of the four daughters of Philip Sinanian (1880-1958), only one was married and had children: Alice Keukdjian (1911-2009), the mother of Elsie Utidjian and the grandmother of Haig Utidjian.
What the dates mean is uncertain, but perhaps 1791 is the year that Sima’s family first came to Cyprus. The lives and stories of the deghatsi are always very intriguing, especially because they are lost in time. Whatever the truth of the matter is, I am sure that they would be proud of their descendants, but also sad because their house is now under the Turks, from whom they perhaps fled in 1791. But their mark has been left there, untouched, a reminder and proof of Armenian presence in Cyprus long before the Genocide".

Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr. Aynedjian,
       Regarding the elections in Cyprus and the Armenian representative in the Parliament, at 74, I have come to the conclusion, after what my Paris uncle the late Dikran Roupen Bouldoukian had advised me to do in political life, is not to enter this complicated environment unless one is over a mature age. To my question about the mature age, he told me in 1959 in Paris, that one of the greatest French humanist Andre Malraux had said: "Pour former un homme il faut 60 ans et un politicien, il faut autant  d'ans" (near English translation: To form a man, it takes 60 years and a politician, it takes as many).
       The major problem encountered by governments everywhere is that there are so many immature and underaged people that want to go into political activity: Deputy, Minister, President. Of course it is the right of every citizen to have ambitions; but ambitions must be balanced against maturity, capacity and performance. In Cyprus, I know one Armenian who has these graces and that is the current MP HIMSELF Mr. Vartkes Mahdessian. As far as I follow Cypriot political life, he is HODAE Aradzogh HOVIV and not ANTSNARADZ HOVIV.
M. Bouldoukian-Former Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon 1985-1990


Dear Editor,
It is with surprise, shock and anger that I am following the on-going debate regarding who should and who shouldn’t be eligible to vote in the elections for Armenian MP.
I’m surprised on why this sudden shift in  common practice regarding the right of children of Armenian mothers and non-Armenian fathers to vote. I am of Armenian descent from my mother’s side, feel as Armenian as any other Armenian-Cypriot, speak Armenian as well as any other Armenian-Cypriot. And I can boast of being more patriotic than others claim to be, having risked my life to visit war-ridden Artsakh when no-one else dared!
       And yet, when I had expressed interest to participate in previous votes, I was denied that right, having been told at the time that I was considered a non-Armenian, because of my father being Greek-Cypriot.
       I am shocked, as a certain lady of the same maternal Armenian descent as myself, has been angrily complaining that someone objected on her being included in the voting lists for the forth-coming elections.
       And angered, that if the eligibility to be considered Armenian in the eyes of the law has been extended to cover our cases, no-one, nor the current Representative nor the Church authorities, had the simple courtesy of notifying myself, or any of the many dozens offspring of Armenian mothers, that we may apply and be included in voting lists. Am I, are we all, children of a lesser God? Are we not considered equal in status with this particular lady? Or simply, because of our families political or ideological backgrounds, or our non-preference for the current MP, or the fact that we are not taken for granted as de-facto supporters of his, we were left out?
       One comes to think that the latter is the obvious reason. And it is reason enough, for this lady to have kept quiet, respected the fact that many others like her have been left out for so long, and just accepted any objections privately, being lucky enough to enjoy a right we sadly don’t have.
       All this talk about who was right or wrong is simply testing our patience; and people like myself are not going to allow our status to be exploited for scoring points in a political ping-pong game.
       Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts. I will be awaiting for the verdict of my fellow Armenian-Cypriots on 22nd May, being sure that they will not be dragged away from the essence of our Community’s problems by communication tricks of this kind and magnitude. If people want to debate, they should debate on the real issues and not try to divert voters attention.
Katia Phili-Mosditchian


Dear Katia,
I regret to find out that you were not aware about your current rights to vote.
Although efforts to exclude voters from lists were recently made (and we all know who made them), I am sure that if you keep the correct procedures and express your wish to also legally be regarded as a member of the Armenian community, this will be realised, especially for someone like you, whose brave participation in our people's liberation struggle is well documented and respected.
We are certain that members of our community will address and vote for the issues that deeply concern all of us - and as you very well said - voters will not be tricked by communication games.
Your unger,
Simon Aynedjian - Nicosia

We also asked researcher and scholar Alexander-Michael Handjilyra's opinion on the subject. His reply was the following.
The point is if Katia Phili Mosditchian has been baptised at the Armenian church at any point of her life; if she has, then she could be considered a member of the group. Otherwise, to be considered a member of the group she needs to be accepted into the canonical Law of the Armenian Church by means of a certificate from the Arachnortaran (just like your mother-in-law Panayiota Kaprielian). To be a member of the group you don't need to be of Armenian descent; you need to be considered of Armenian faith.
Finally, the expert opinion by ex Attorney General Kriton Tornarites on this issue was given in 1981 and nothing has changed since then.
Letter of support

Highly evaluating the achievements of the five-year term of the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian and his non-partisan activities, the following Gibrahay community members and families living in London, express our solidarity to him and wish him all the best for success.
Mr. & Mrs. Bedo & Tania Yeghiayan
Mr. & Mrs. Hagop & Gilda Keoshkerian
Mr. & Mrs. Seto and Nora Kasabian
Mr. & Mrs. Luder Darakdjian
Mr. & Mrs. Hrant Shekherdemian
Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Armaghanian
Mr. & Mrs. Vartan Harmandarian
Mrs. Mona (Coute) Bedelian
Mr. Krikor Shekherdemian
Mr. Koko Cheblakian
Mr. Hagop Cherchian
Mr. Manoug Baghdjian
Mr. Bedros Cherchian
Mr. Dikran Bedrossian
Mr. Melkon Gostanian
Mr. Garo Keshishian
Mr. Levon Chilingirian

News in Brief by Sevag Devletian

  • The US company FunCraft has launched an Armenian language keyboard for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. The new software, iTetr Armenian Keyboard, can be bought from the Apple iTunes store and sells for $1.99. It allows users to enter and copy texts and use them in SMS messages, as well as in Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • The government of Cyprus intends to prevent operation of charter flights between Azerbaijan and the northern part of the island. Cypriot President Demetris Christofias held talks with the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Raymond Benjamin and representatives of the Flights Safety Foundation to express his concerns. Christofias condemned Turkey's actions as offending the international shipment agreements.
  • The European Union regrets that Armenia and Turkey have not yet been able to normalize their relations. It is sad that the sides have not been able to reach an agreement on the final steps and to put the finishing touches to their important accords, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fuele said at a joint news conference with Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian in Yerevan.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs should reconsider its stance on the Armenian Genocide issue, according to Knesset member, Likud party chairman Zeev Elkin. `The Jewish state, which demands worldwide historical justice and observance of ethic norms, can't itself go contrary to these principles,' Elkin stated when addressing a conference on the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
  • During a meeting with local residents of Igdir, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said that normalization of relations with Armenia was impossible without a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Trend cites CNN-Turk. "The sorrow of Azerbaijan is our sorrow, the joy of Azerbaijan is our joy. Here, I once more declare that normalization of relations with Armenia is impossible without a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," Erdogan said.

Gibrahayer Calendar Events

  • Friday May 6 at 8:00pm - Annual performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at the Palace Theatre in Nicosia. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
  • Saturday 7 May at 10:30 am - The completed road of Markos Drakos (in front of the Armenian cemetery of Ledra Palce Hotel) will be delivered to Nicosia Mayor Eleni Mavrou. Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian will also be attending the ceremony and members of the Armenian community are also urged to attend.
  • Saturday May 7, 2011, at 6:30 pm - Armenian Evangelical Church service at the Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos street. Message of the day from Mihran Jizmejian an educator, scholar, writer and lay preacher, a graduate of Near East School of Theology and the American University in Beirut, who also taught at the Melkonian Institute from 1965-1973.
  • Saturday 7 May at 7:00 pm - Yerkir Media journalists - Marianna  Paytyan and Gor Hovhannisyan currently in Cyprus for a series of documentaries, will talk to members of the AYF Youth and Badanegan Chapters. The gathering is open to all youth of the community from the ages of 10 upwards.
  • Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastery organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian and the Armenian Prelature. There will be visit to Mekhitar's monument and hill, for the first time since the revival of the pilgrimage.
  • Monday 9 May 8:00 pm - Election Gathering of Dr. A. Ashdjian at Hilton Park.
  • Tuesday 10 April at 10:00 am - Armenian Day at Pera Khorio-Nisou Gymnasium, organised by Levon Kazandjian. Main speaker: President of the Cyprus Parliament Marios Garoyian. Cultural program by the school and Hamazkayin's Sipan Dance Ensemble.
  • Tuesday 10 May at 8:00 pm - Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final with the participation of Armenia with Emmy at HMEM/AYMA from 20:00 onwards. The Club Committee will be serving complimentary food to all present.
  • Wednesday 11 May at 8:00 pm in Nicosia - Pan-Cyprian Election gathering of Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian at OCCHIO Lounge (ex-Mimoza cinema, 30 meters from The Europa Hotel) in Nicosia. Special appearance by X-Factor star Hovig Demirdjian. Drinks and food will be served. There will be bus services to the event from Armenian communities of Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca as follows: At 7:00 pm from Sourp Stepanos Church in Larnaca. At 7:00 pm from Sourp Kevork Church in Limassol and at 6:00 pm from the Carrefour Supermarket in Paphos.
  • Saturday 14 May at 8:00 pm - Eurovision Song Contest Finals at HMEM/AYMA from 20:00 onwards. Complimentary food will be served.
  • Sunday 15 May at 7:00 pm - Larnaca Performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at Larnaca Municipality Hall. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
  • Tuesday 17 May at 7:00 pm - Opening of the new Hall of the Nareg school by the Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Andreas Demetriou and under the
    auspices of the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian. A cultural program will follow.
  • Wednesday 18 May at 5:00 pm in Nicosia - Marzahantes for Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol Nareg schools on the grounds of the Nicosia Nareg school.
  • Thursday 19 May at 8:30 pm - at K-CINEPLEX Hall 2 - Strovolos, screening of the documentary THE ARMENIANS OF CYPRUS. The documentary has been made possible by the initiative and efforts of the Office of the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian. ENTRANCE FREE.
  • Sunday 22 May - Parliamentary elections for the new House of Representatives, including elections for the seat of the Armenian MP.
  • Saturday 4 June – watch the Russia against Armenia match at HMEM/AYMA.

Armenian Sports by Sevag Devletian

  • CHESS: FIDE has published the rankings of world’s 100 strongest chess players. The men’s list is topped by India’s Viswanathan Anand (2817 points), followed by Norway’s Magnus Carlsen (2815 points) and Armenia’s Levon Aronian (2808 points). Sergei Movsesian is 35th, Gabriel Sargissian is 65th and Vladimir Akopian is 71st. Among women, Elina Danielyan is 14th while Lilit Mkrtchyan is 31st. Armenia is ranked as 4th best chess playing country.
  • BOXING: King Arthur Abraham traveled to the U.S. on Sunday, May 1, morning after the referee row has been resolved. The former Super Six World Boxing Classic Tournament point leader is set to take on WBA Super-Middleweight Champion Andre Ward in the semi-finals at the Home Depot Center in Carson on May 14.
  • FOOTBALL: Armenian U17 team finished 7th in Kazakhstan President Cup. In the match for the 7th place, Armenia defeated Uzbekistan 2-0.
  • CHESS: Armenian grandmaster Tigran Gharamian won gold at Lille-hosted open chess championship. The grandmaster gained 7 points out of 9 possible.
  • BOXING: Armenian Russian Misha Aloyan (52kg) and David Hayrapetyan (49kg) won the champion’s title at the Russian Boxing Championships. Thus, as members of the Russian team they will participate in Baku hosted World Boxing Championships.
  • WORLD CHILDRENS GAMES: Armenian youth judo team won 3 medals at World Children’s Games festival in Ankara. Karlen Ghazaryan (50kg) defeated Azerbaijan’s Emin Damirzade, winning a bronze medal for the Armenian team. Grigor Sahakyan (60kg) and Shavarsh Sahakyan (+60kg) lost their semifinal fights. Armen Davtyan (55kg) finished 5th. Edgar Garnikyan and Gor Hakobyan won silver and bronze medals respectively.
  • CHESS: Tatev Abrahamyan won silver at the St. Louis-hosted U.S. Women's Chess Championship
New development project overlooking Larnaca Salt Lake, by three young Armenian professionals of our community. Click here


Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian

  • The Pera Khorio-Nisou Gymnasium Girl's volley-ball team under coach Levon Kazandjian, were crowned Champions of the Nicosia District Games. The team will now compete against the top seven teams for the Pan-Cyprian Championship next week.
  • AGBU Ararat defeated Achilleas Kaimakli 4-1 in the Cyprus Futsal Premier League. The result of the match did not have an impact on the league table as Ararat finish off the season 2nd place. However, what was encouraging was that Ararat fielded 4 players from the U-17 youth team to face professionals.
  • Homenmen defeat Ena Athienou 7-6 in the relegation battle of the Cyprus Futsal 2nd Division.
  • AYMA/HMEM's next match is on Saturday May 7 against Kakkaristria at the Municipal Football ground at Latsia.
  • AGBU Ararat U-17's suffered a 4-8 defeat against ENA Athienou in the Cyprus U-17 Futsal Championship and claimed 3rd position in the league table.
We have IDed Jeronimo

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