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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.



YEREVAN - The two week standoff at a police compound in Erebuni, which was seized by an opposition group calling itself the “Daredevils of Sasoun” ended on Sunday as the remaining members surrendered, Armenia’s National Security Service reported.
“With their consistent and coordinated actions, special units of Armenian law-enforcement bodies have forced members of the armed group to surrender to the authorities,” the NSS said in statement, adding, “Twenty terrorists have been arrested.”
The “Daredevils” leader Varoujan Avetisyan told a local news website that the decision to surrender because security forces have been methodically shooting and wounding members of his group, which is affiliated with the opposition “Founding Parliament” movement.
“We have shrunk substantially, there are approximately 20 of us remaining [barricaded inside the compound,]” Avetisyan said.
In these circumstances, Avetisyan went on, the group chose to avoid further bloodshed and become “prisoners of war” instead. He sought to put a brave face on the surrender, saying that he and his comrades have succeeded in dramatically increasing anti-government sentiment in Armenia, reported
On July 17, some 30 members of “Daredevils of Sasoun” seized the police compound and demanded the release of opposition activist Jirair Sefilian and the resignation of President Serzh Sarkisian. During the two-week standoff, two police officers were killed and several others wounded. At the same time, during sporadic shootouts during the two-weeks, several “Daredevils” members were wounded and taken to the hospital.


"We Understand That the Reasons Why These People Have Resorted to Such a Desperate Step Are Deeply Rooted in Our Society; These Reasons Must Be Eradicated."

‘No retribution should be carried out against these people. Both [the ARF] and the public should closely follow the situation, and do our utmost to ensure that the charges against them are handled properly, and that the mildest approach allowed by law be adopted.’

YEREVAN - Shortly after the armed group occupying a Yerevan police station since July 17 laid down their arms and surrendered to authorities, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsoutiun Bureau member Armen Rustamyan commented on their decision and the political situation that ensued.

Below are his remarks. Click here to read the entire statement:


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Fethiye Çetin's 50-minute interview
on Turkish Cypriot "Sim Kanal"

View the interview by clicking here:


Fethiye Çetin - lawyer, writer and human rights activist living in Turkey.

Growing up, Fethiye Çetin had no reason to suspect that she had other than Turkish Muslim roots, until one day her maternal grandmother, Seher, revealed to her that she was by birth an Armenian Christian, named Heranoush Gadarian, born to parents Hovhannes and Isguhi Gadarian, who had been taken away from her mother on a death march in the course of the Armenian Genocide and adopted by a Turkish military official, Hüseyin Çavus, who was unable to have children.
This legacy inspired Çetin's first book, a recounting of her grandmother's story in the memoir entitled “My Grandmother”. The book, translated into English by Maureen Freely. Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman, characterized the book as "part of a trend in Turkey that is grappling with a history of denial, nationalism and fears of political consequences" in regards to "the lost Armenians".
As a lawyer, Çetin has been representing the family of the murdered Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor Hrant Dink.

Fethiye Çetin's interview with Simge Cerkezoglu
for Turkish-Cypriot "ADRES" magazine

If you want a copy of the Magazine please contact us on


Fethiye Çetin speaks at Homenetmen - AYMA

Fethiye Çetin also had the opportunity to meet with members of the Armenian community of Cyprus, in an event organised by Moufflon Bookstore and The Armenian National Committee of Cyprus at Homenetmen - AYMA. A captivated and packed audience listened to her for one and a half hours, after which she autographed her books and chatted with Gibrahay community members.
This was the first event, organised at the Armenian center in Turkish.
Dikran Altun - who flew in from Bolis especially for the event - provided translation to the few members in the audience, who needed it.



Homenetmen - AYMA Bowling Team:
Runner up in the League and
Runner up in the Cup.
Well done boys !


Sargsyan: We do not accuse the Turkish
people of Armenian Genocide,
we condemn denial of it

Pope’s visit to Armenia was both of religious and inter-state character, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview with Al Mayadeen TV, a pan-Arab news station.

“The fact of the Pope visiting Armenia is very important by itself, but the essence and content of that visit make it even more valuable,” the President said. He reminded that the Pope had described the trip as “pilgrimage to the first Christian nation.”

He attached importance to the Pope’s messages of peace, inter-religious dialogue and calmness. “I think all countries of our region should accept these messages and implement them,” he said.

“Pope’s trip was a visit to peace, a visit preaching peaceful co-existence and tolerance,” Serzh Sargsyan said.

As for Turkey’s reaction to the Pope’s remarks on Armenian Genocide, President Sargsyan said “Turkey angrily reacts to the actions of all countries recognizing the Armenian Genocide, and there was nothing surprising for us here.”

Many ask why the Pope used the word genocide here. “Why should a religious or political leader who has his views on certain things and events, refrain from calling them by their names?”

“Many thought Pope Francis would not use the word ‘genocide’ again after the Mass served on the 100th anniversary. “Pope is not a person that can change his convictions because of pressures or angry reactions. The Pope used the word many times, when he was still in Argentina. For decades he has been friends with heirs of Armenian genocide survivors,” President Sargsyan said.

“Turkey will once react calmly to these facts,” the President said, adding that the situation was different 10 years ago. “No one would imagine 10 years ago that the Armenian Genocide could be commemorated in Istanbul or Ankara on April 24.”

“Turkey will once recognize the fact of genocide,” he said. He noted that Germany came out winner by acknowledging the fact of Holocaust.

“We do not blame the Turkish people of having perpetrated the genocide. We blame the then authorities of the country, who undertook to eliminate the Armenian people. Today we blame those who deny the genocide. No one has ever heard me say a sore word about the Turkish people,” President Sargsyan said.



The Armenian Genocide through
the Cypriot press 1914-1923

“The Armenian Genocide through the Cypriot press 1914-1923”
Get your copy for € 25.00 from the office of the Armenian MP.
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► On Friday, July 29 2016, Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian, accompanied by the visiting leader of the Republican Party of Armenia Vahram Baghdassarian and Paphos Armenian community leaders, had a meeting with the Mayor of Paphos Phedon Phedonos, to discuss the issue of placing a Cross-stone (Khachkar) in Paphos, as well as other matters concerning the Armenian community of Paphos.
► On Saturday, 16 July 2016, the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian and his wife Maggie attended the gala dinner celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Melkonian Educational Institute, organised by “Melkonian Brothers' Legacy Celebration Committee”.
On this occasion, the Armenian Representative was presented with a plaque by the organizing committee, for his initiative to introduce the commemorative stamp, featuring the MEI, marking the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.
► On Sunday, 10 July 2016, for the seventh consecutive year, 14 graduates of the Nareg schools and two of their teachers, Violeta Tashdjian and Katerina Rokoma, travelled to Armenia for two weeks.
This is the initiative of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian and a present to the graduates, who will have the opportunity to visit Armenia, as part of the “Ari Doun” programme of the Diaspora Ministry.
More news from the Armenian MP click here


News in Brief from Turkey

► U.S. Base in Turkey was on Lockdown amid Rumors of second Coup. Turkish police deployed 7,000 personnel to surround the base.
► The Turkish government has dismissed more than 1,223 officers from the army, including 130 generals. 88 employees have been laid off from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government has shut down several media outlets, including 16 television channels and three news agencies.
► Eight Turkish military officers who fled the July 15 failed coup attempt in Turkey by traveling to Greece have been given more time to press their asylum claim, their lawyer said.
► Wikileaks posted a tweet on its feed, heralding the release of 100,000 documents and archives on the failed Turkish military coup and the general political situation in Turkey.
Get ready for a fight as we release 100,000 plus documents on Turkey’s political power structure it said.


All those social media sites that Erdogan himself does not like, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, were blocked during the coup attempt against him. That meant that he too, was cut off from means of communication to the public, leaving him to use Apple's Facetime to call a local TV station to put him on the air.
Eventually it was that Facetime message calling his supporters to take the the streets, that save the day for him.

Gibrahayer Calendar
Sunday 31 July to Sunday 28 August - Due to major renovation work in the Sourp Asdvadzadzin Cathedral on Armenia Street, Strovolos the Liturgies from Sunday 31 July to Sunday 28 August will be held in the "Vahram Utidjian" Hall of the Armenian Prelature. For more information contact the Prelature tel +357-22493460 (office hours 8.30-13.00 Monday-Saturday)
Sunday 14 – Sunday 21 August – 28th AYF Badanegan Camp in Troodos An educational and fun program for youth between the ages of 8 and 17. The camp is at maximum capacity and the organisers have regretfully announced that they are not accepting any more participants.
Sunday 21 August - Open Day event and lunch for parents and community members in Troodos where the campers will present a cultural show. You can sign up with Marine Tavitian on 99437612 and Louise Aynedjian on 99533684.
Sunday 21 - Sunday 28 August - AYF International Youth Camp in Platres with the participation of 12 countries of Europe, the Middle East, Armenia and Artsakh.
Sunday 25 September - Sourp Kevork in Limassol
Friday 28 October - Renowned singer from Armenia, Alla Levonyan will give a single concert at the Strovolos Municipal Hall in Nicosia - Cyprus with the participation of Hamazkayin's SIPAN Dance Ensemble. Details to follow.
27-29 October - Homenetmen 9th Mich Tivanagan Hamakumar in Nicosia - Cyprus, with the participation of all Homentmen chapters of the world. Host country Hommenetmen - AYMA.
Sunday 20 or 27 November - Madagh at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia.


A request submitted by independent MP ‎Mostafa Bakri has called on parliament and ‎the government to recognise the the death of 1.5 ‎million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman state in 1915 as a ‎‎’genocide’‎

Ahram Online: Independent Egyptian MP Mostafa Bakri said that ‎he and 336 MPs have called on parliament ‎to approve a draft resolution in favour of ‎recognising the death of 1.5 ‎million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman state in 1915 as a ‎‎”genocide.” ‎
‎”Parliament must hold a special session on ‎this subject because it was a crime of mass ‎extermination that should be ‎condemned by all world parliaments,” said ‎Bakri.‎

“New historical evidence has ‎exposed the slaughter of 1.5 million ‎Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turks ‎between 1915 and 1922,” Bakri said, adding that his proposal “comes after the German ‎parliament voted last month in favour of ‎recognising the 1915 massacre as ‎a genocide, and many other countries ‎are expected to follow suit.”

Read the rest of the story on Aypoupen by clicking here
The Open Day event for parents and community members will take place on Sunday 21 August @ AYF Panagoum 2016 in Troodos.
You can sign up with Marine Tavitian on 99437612 and Louise Aynedjian on 99533684.

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On Thursday, 7 July 2016 Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian was invited by Omonoia Football Club committee, to attend lunch in honour of the visiting Banants team officials from Armenia for the return leg in Nicosia.
On this occasion the Armenian MP delivered to the Omonoia President a letter congratulating the delegates of his club for their kind gesture to visit and pay their respect to the Armenian Genocide Monument while in Yerevan last week for the first leg of the UEFA Europa League match.




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CNA – Kyriaki Christodoulou – CYPRUS/Nicosia 27/7/2016

The Armenian cemetery in Nicosia, near the dividing line, which splits the Cyprus capital into two, stands as a vivid evidence of the history of the Armenian community on this East Mediterranean island Republic, long before the Armenian Genocide.

The cemetery, located near the Ledra Palace Hotel, in the UN-controlled buffer zone, and the Law Courts, carries a long history that dates back to the 15th Century, when it became – according to the records – a burial site for the Lusignans and the Dominicans.

Click here for the complete article on Artsakank

Stepan Papazian was the son of Ohannes Papazian from Yerzinga and Negdar Eramian, daughter of the famous land owner Artin Boghos Eramian, from the village of Dheftera in the Nicosia district, and Caterina Carletti.
Hadjilyra tells us that what is also important and has a historic significance about the cemetery and Nicosia as a whole is the fact that when Royal Engineers Lieutenant Horatio Herbert Kitchener visited the new colony (Cyprus) during 1878-1879, he prepared a map of the city and marked eight points outside the walls of Nicosia. One of them is the Armenian cemetery, which is the only location of Kitchener’s map that exists until today. Kitchener (1850-1916) would later conduct an extensive work for the trigonometric survey of the island.




On Saturday, 9 July 2016 a 335-pages long volume on the Armenian community's history and presence came out with Phileleftheros newspaper (in Greek).
It is the result of extensive research that started in June 2015 by journalist Anastasia Shakalli, with the tireless assistance and contribution by researcher-scholar Alexander Michael Hadjilyra, who has been thoroughly researching our community since 2008.



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We leave you the view from our window. Have a pleasant and peaceful summer holiday.

Gibrahayer e-magazine - 1 August 2016



On Monday, 27 June 2016, like every year, MP Vartkes Mahdessian had a meeting with eleven of our Armenian boys who were called to serve the Cyprus National Guard in 2016.
The gathering took place in the Representative’s office and a discussion regarding all aspects of their service took place.
An ex-army lieutenant Konstantinos Pittas, was present at the meeting, who offered explanations to all the questions and concerns of the new recruits and their parents.


Call Hagop Manougian for more details on +357 99442886 and email




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