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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.




Live updates, latest scores and information on how you may assist our young athletes Lusine Chobanyan and Edmond Aynedjian

We thank the following for their generous contributions for Lusine:
Vasken Partikian and Dick Bedrossian for providing accomodation, tournament support and training schedule for Lusine Chobanyan in the United Kingdom.
We thank the following for their generous contributions for Edmond:
Sebouh Armenagian for sponsoring the October 2014 Dubai ITF tournament and providing accomodation in Dubai.
Harout Tahmazian for sponsoring the 2014 Yerevan ITF tournament.
► Prana Tour ( for sponsoring the 2015 accomodation to the Armenian under 18 ITF tournament.
Babolat rackets, strings and accessories ( for providing Edmond Aynedjian's 2015 contract.

Tournament results Lusine Chobanyan:
October 2013 - Under 16 Singles Champion
October 2013 - Ladies Singles Champion
February 2014 - Member of the Armenian Fed Cup team participating in the World Championships
June 2014 - Girls Under 16 Singles Champion
June 2014 - Ladies Singles Champion

Tournament results Edmond Aynedjian:
December 2013 - Winner of under 16 singles championship (Masters Cup)
March 2014 - Winner of under 18 singles championship (Field Club)
March 2014 - Winner of under 18 doubles championship (Field Club) partnering with Giorgos Christodoulou
July 2014 - Semi-finalist in under 18 ITF international tournament in Armenia (In Court Cup) partnering with Christos Kyrillou
August 2014 - Finalist under 18 ITF international tournament in Jordan (Amman Cup)
August 2014 - Winner under 18 ITF international doubles tournament in Jordan (Amman Cup) partnering with Lefteris Neos
Calendar of upcoming Under 18 international tournaments:
Dubai - UAE: details to follow completed
Amman - Jordan: 9 - 15 August: completed
Aphrodite Cup: Nicosia 2-6 September completed
Herodotou - Larnaca: 9 -13 September completed
Tirana - Albania: 15-20 September completed
Calendar of upcoming FUTURE'S international tournaments:
Calendar of upcoming WTA international tournaments:
Assisting young hopefuls in sports is nothing new for our e-magazine.
Nine years ago Gibrahayer e-magazine embarked on a mission to assist 15 year-old Zaruhi Haroutunyan in pursuing her dream as a professional tennis player.
Our campaigns to secure funds for her in England, USA and Cyprus enabled her to win her first tournament in Turkey and tens of others in countries across the globe.
They enabled her to defeat the ITF world number 6 and to enter the Hall of Fame of her University in Akron, for which she scored a record 236 wins.
Nine years later, two tennis players from different backgrounds, one from our homeland and the other from the Diaspora, one from Armenia and the other from Cyprus, have embarked on a similar path.
In 2014, at the age of 16, Lusine Chobanyan and Edmond Aynedjian both won the under 16 boys and girls singles championships in their respective countries in Armenia and Cyprus.
A few months later they won the under 18 boys and girls singles championship both in singles and doubles.
Lusine went a step further a few weeks ago and won the ladies singles title in Armenia.

Both players have exhibited discipline at their work, continuity in progress, maturity in their outlook and a commitment that is destined to keep them on a success mode.
Both National Tennis Federations in their respective countries have been absent from their progress and their achievements have been made possible from the support, only of their family and immediate circle.
Both players now need our assistance to take their accomplishments and our collective dreams for glory, to the next level.
In order to give these athletes the chance to prove themselves on the international tennis arena, we are organising Gibrahayer e-magazine’s second campaign for our young sports hopefuls.
We have set a target of 80,000 euros for both players until the end of 2015, which will include training and participation in tournaments abroad for both Lusine and Edmond.
We are initiating this appeal because we believe that both these athletes have proven to all who have been following them the true potential of their capabilities.
They have proven this not with their effort, but through their results.
Both Lusine and Edmond have made us proud on several occasions in their very short teenage career and need our support now, at the beginning of their journey and not at the end.
Let us do our bit and support them and we are certain that they will continue delivering the results that we can all be proud of.


To receive information about Lusine Chobanyan click here
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The following sponsorship programs for Lusine and Edmond are available:
To sponsor an ITF under 18 tournament click here
To sponsor a quarterly physical training program click here
To sponsor their quarterly racket maintenance and stringing service click here
To offer accommodation in any town / country across the world click here

To sponsor their accommodation in a town on the ITF calendar click here




Dear friends,
Nine years ago we initiated a campaign to assist a young Armenian tennis champion Zaruhi Harutyunyan in her quest for stardom.
Nine years later we have decided to invest in two more young talents, that have shown commitment and exceptional results.
We introduce Lusine Chobanyan and Edmond Aynedjian to you, as already accomplished athletes, champions in their own right both at home and in the international sports arena, making Armenians proud everywhere.
We invite you to visit their
Support Page.
You too can become part of the Team enabling Lusine and Edmond to continue doing what they are capable of doing best.
Winning !
Through a lifestyle quite different to many kids their own age, both have shown samples of their capabilities that can only multiply if we can meet them half way.

Support Team of Lusine & Edmond
Click here to see how you can join the global team supporting Armenia's Ladies tennis champion Lusine Chobanyan and under 16 and under 18 Cyprus tennis Champion Edmond Aynedjian by visiting this Page.


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