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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.




With this travelling exhibition, we want to share the memories of ordinary people from Armenia and Turkey about their
intertwined pasts using their own words. These words, based on oral history interviews conducted in 2009 in both countries, are presented as text and video.

What is unique about this exhibition?
It is the first time that the shared past of the people of Turkey and Armenia is presented together using individual memories.

Goethe-Institut Cyprus
21 Markou Drakou Road,
UN Buffer Zone – Nicosia

Opening :
Friday 11 May at 7 :00 pm
remarks by representatives from the Embassy of Germany
and the project partners.

12 May – 3 June 2012
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 7:00 pm



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1.- Xasapiko here
2.- Indian Dance here
3.- Cotton-eyed Jo here
4.- Menk enk mer sarere here
5.- Oriental Dance here
6.- LORKE here

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NEWS.AM April 30 - YEREVAN - A Cypriot delegation, led by Christos Malikidis—First Deputy Defense Minister and Cypriot Co-Chair of the Armenian-Cypriot Intergovernmental Commission on Military and Militaro-Technical Cooperation—, is in Armenia these days.
The aforementioned Commission’s inaugural session was held Monday at Armenia’s MOD, and it was chaired by the Commission’s Armenian Co-Chair, Deputy Defense Minister Alik Mirzabekyan, the MOD informed Armenian
At the end of the session, Malikidis and Mirzabekyan signed the 2012 Armenian-Cypriot International Military Cooperation Program.
On the same day, the Commission Co-Chairs were received by Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan. The Minister stressed the two countries’
strong militaro-political ties, and the vast opportunities for military and militaro-technical cooperation.
They underscored that despite having limited resources and same challenges, Armenia and Cyprus have a great role to play in international relations, and they carry out mutually-agreed activities.


April 30, 2012 -
PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkey will not open negotiation chapters with the EU during Cyprus’ presidency term in the second half of 2012, Turkey’s EU Minister and chief negotiator Egemen Bağış said, Hurriyet Daily News reported.
“If the Greek Cypriots want to open a chapter with us, we will give them a date after their presidency is over, and open the chapter then.
In the meantime, our relations with the commission, Parliament and EU member countries will continue the same,” Bağış said in an interview with the private NTV news channel.
“We don’t have relations with Greek Cyprus today, so we’re not going to start one just because someone appointed them as president,” Bağış said.
Meanwhile, Alexander Downer, the UN special envoy for Cyprus, said the UN saw no reason to host further meetings of the two Cypriot leaders “unless there is a clear indication from both sides that there is something substantial they wish to conclude.”
“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon scrapped plans for an international conference on Cyprus set for late this month or in early May because insufficient progress had been made in talks,” Downer said but added that Ban “still held out hope for a conference in the summer.”



click here for images from the 2011 Pilgrimage

click here for images from the 2011 Pilgrimage
Memory Lane:

EMAIL FROM RUTH KESHISHIAN: I received an interesting photograph this week from the relatives of Miss Alice Rebecca Kendall, a painter, and poet who arrived in Cyprus 1950, with her mother Mrs Kendall.
This picture was taken in 1951, by the late Shahe Guebenlian,
the journalist who was then working for local newspapers, and magazines before leaving the island to join Reuters International.
News in Brief by Sevag Devletian
On April 27, three days after Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day, Vice President Joe Biden addressed Turkish and Azeri donors at a campaign fundraiser in Washington, raising more than $500,000. The fundraiser came on the heels of President Obama's April 24 statement, in which the President once again failed to properly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, resorting to euphemisms and the Armenian term Meds Yeghern (Great Catastrophe) instead.
Publisher Ragip Zarakolu, who was released from Turkish jail lately and is awaiting trial on suspicion of links to outlawed Kurdish organization, has been chosen as the 2012 recipient of the Jeri Laber International Freedom to Publish Award. According to Publishers Weekly, given by the Association of American Publishers' International Freedom to Publish Committee (IFTPC), the award will be presented May 1 at the PEN Gala at the Museum of Natural History in New York.
A founding member of Turkey's ruling AK Party called the Armenian genocide a "geno-deportation" and "personally" apologized in an interview with the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal. Ä°smet Ucma, a member of Turkey's Grand National Assembly, added: "Their pain is our pain." The parliament member noted that although the Committee of Union and Progress was responsible for what happened, he personally apologized for the suffering of the Armenians during what he called the "geno-deportations."
The American Armenians will “welcome” the Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev with mass demonstrations. The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Communications Director Elizabeth Chouldjian confirmed this in an interview with RFE/RL. Ilham Aliyev will visit New York in May, and in connection with Azerbaijan’s assuming UN Security Council’s Chairmanship.


Click here for images of the SIPAN's party that followed the event

Community calendar at a glance:

► Friday 11 May at 7 :00 pm - A unique Armenian Turkish exhibition at the Goethe-Institut Cyprus - 21 Markou Drakou Road, - UN Buffer Zone - Nicosia entitled "Speaking to one another".
► Saturday 12 May at 7:00 pm - Dikran Medz - "Tigran the great - King of Armenia", Mono play written, directed and performed by Marie Rose Abousefian, organised by Hamazkayin Cultural Association's "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter at PASYDY Hall - Nicosia.
► Sunday 13 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastery organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative.
Friday 18 May at 8:00 pm - Lecture entitled “The Genetic Heritage of Cypriots”, by Professor Constantinos Deltas of the University of Cyprus, organised by The Kalaydjian Foundation and the AGBU at the AGBU Auditorium in Nicosia.
► Saturday, May 19 at 5:00pm - Armenian Evangelical Church service in Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos street, Nicosia. Speaker: Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni from USA. Sermon title: RECONCILIATION and JUSTICE.
► Saturday 2 June at 8:00 pm at PASYDY - May 28 celebrations by ARF Dashnaktsoutiun and affiliate organisations, followed by Dinner at AYMA.
► Thursday 21 June from 5.30pm - 7.30pm - Traditional reception to all Armenian graduates on the island at the residence of the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian.
► Friday 22 June at 6:00 pm - Annual General meeting of Armenian Relief Society's (HOM) "Sosse" Chapter at Homenetmen - AYMA.
► Saturday 6 October - 40th anniversary celebrations of NAREG Armenian Schools. Details to follow.

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Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian

AYMA Bowling Team were crowned Bowling Champions and are promoted to the second division. The newly formed team consisting of Vartan, Bedig, Haigo, Shant, Mike, Eddie and Jijo (celebrating below) won promotion from their first attempt and will be seeking to repeat their success by being promoted to the top division.


14-year old Edmond Aynedjian qualified in the main draw of a European under 16 tournament after recording his first international win 6-4, 6-1, against Dimitrios Hadjisdouyiannis from Greece.
The next tournament on the junior calendar will take place at the Eleon Open tennis tournament that begins at the end of the week.

AGBU - Ararat Futsal are in the finals of the Cyprus Cup, with a 4-5 win on penalties in the semi final against Parnassos. The cup final to be held on 11 May at Eleftheria Stadium will be against their arch-rivals Omonia.

AEL Football Club on Limassol won the Cyprus Championship after 44 years. We enclose an image from the notorious AEL fans.

After defeating Constantinos Georgagopoulos - world number 161 and seed one of the +50 singles event - Simon Aynedjian made it to the finals of the International Seniors tennis finals last week in Larnaca.
However, the much anticipated final against the former Davis Cup star of Greece Fotis Vazeos came to an end at 4-5 in the first set, after Aynedjian sustained a hamstring injury.
Our pesa Jim Livie is the new Cyprus Golf Open Champion after finishing third in previous three attempts. Congratulations !!!


MEHMET ALİ BİRAND - Today is April 24. Again, as happens every year, the 70 million-person population of Turkey will wonder what others are saying about the Armenian issue. What will Washington say? Which country will accept the Armenian genocide claims?
Days will pass in stress, and in the end, we will again forget everything.
This process is like a Chinese torture. Especially as 2015 approaches, the pressure will increase. Turkey, as it has done before, will react harshly. It will utter threats, but they will remain ineffective.
Do you know why? It is because the Armenians have gotten a significant part of the world to accept their claims of genocide. Turkey’s counter-claims were both too late and too weak. We do not need to go far to see this. Just last week, a 1,000-page book on the topic was sent to my office.
It was compiled by the famous German journalist and writer Wolfgang Gust. It includes all of the documentation of activities against the Armenians that were filed in the German Foreign Ministry’s archives in 1915 and 1916. These documents include not only those that were sent by German diplomats or mission members in Turkey, but also views and debates from within the German government on the same subject.
The book is in Turkish. Its English, German, Spanish and Portuguese versions are already in print. Its message is, “Since the Turks won’t do it, let us do it. They should see these documents and understand the facts we have. They should be convinced that we are not acting as their enemies, but trying to explain an incident.” It has been translated into an extremely comprehensible and beautiful Turkish by Belge Publishing House. Obviously it has taken years. It is an extremely important and expensive study.
Without going into detail, if you read the book and look at the documents, if you are a person who is introduced to the subject through this book, then there is no way that you would not believe in the genocide and justify the Armenians. Even if you are an expert on the subject, or have researched what went on from the Turkish side, again, you will be confused. You will have many questions.
In a letter included in the book, the head of the Zoryan Institute in Canada, Greg Sarkissian, says true peace can only be achieved when sources of information about nations’ pasts are shared and nations can talk openly about the past. He also says that in this way mutual understanding and dialogue will develop, instead of hate.
Now, I want to ask all Turkish officials: In the last 50 years, have you done such a study? Have you researched international sources and -- however biased or one-sided it may be -- have you been able to publish such a book? What kind of a study have you made – moving outside our own sources – that would convince the international public? Were you limited to or satisfied with using only Turkish archives because you could not find plausible documents or evidence?
Let us not deceive each other: If you can give correct answers to these questions, then you will be able to clarify some very key facts for us.
I know you will remain silent.

Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni will be preaching
on “ Reconciliation and Justice”

Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni will be visiting again his home country Cyprus in May 2012. Rev. Kassouni was born and raised on the island of Cyprus. His parents were Manuel and Martha Kassouni, of Larnaca, where Manuel was a teacher in the American Academy for over
40 years. He left for America in 1949 to study theology. Kassouni was ordained in 1957 and served a number of pastorates in New York City, Fresno and Los Angeles. In 1983, he moved to Orange County and for nine years was the Associate Executive Presbyter for Congregational Development of Los Ranchos Presbytery. He has served the Armenian community as pastor and Moderator of the Armenian Evangelical Union. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Armenian Missionary Association of America. He is a graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, with a Doctor in Ministry degree.
Rev. Dr. Kassouni is now retired but continues to serve Tustin Presbyterian Church as their Parish Associate for Visitation. Rev. Kassouni will be preaching during the Armenian Evangelical Church
service on Saturday, May 19, 2012, at 5:00 pm, in the Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos Street, Nicosia. His sermon title,in Armenian, will be: “ Reconciliation and Justice”

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