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Zaruhi Harutyunyan, playing a category A tournament in Roehampton - U.K. beat Clara Duarte no. 38 ITF ranked junior in the world 6-2 6-1.


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Sigmalive - After securing Nicosia’s OK, two Israeli F16 fighters flew low, not only over Turkish occupied Cyprus from Famagusta and Apostolos Andreas, but all the way to the Turkish shores to Mersin as close as 15 miles from the Turkish mainland, sending a clear message that Israel recognises the sovereignty of Cyprus over the entire island.
The tower control at illegal Ercan airport in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus made several attempts to establish contact with pilots of the low-flying Israeli fighter jets, who ignored their calls and continued their flight further north, towards the Turkish shores, where they came into firing range with Turkish fighter jets.

CYPRUS ALERTS THE UN OF TURKISH THREATS - The Republic of Cyprus, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, informs him on the Turkish threats against Cyprus and alerts him of a situation that may require the latter to use his good offices to prevent a further escalation of tensions, which has the potential to endanger international peace and security.
The position is outlined in letters which Cyprus’ Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Minas Hadzimichael has sent to the President of the UN General Assembly following Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan’s speech before the UN body on 22 September where he unleashed threats against Cyprus over the start of the exploration activities in its Exclusive Economic Zone to locate hydrocarbons.


Brussels, 29th of September 2011 - Ioannis Kasoulides MEP took part in the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of Armenia´s independence on the 21st of September in Yerevan.
Cypriot Vice-President of the EPP Group in the European Parliament travelled to Armenia on an invitation of the country's Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Edward Nalbandian, along with Bulgarian colleagues Mr Andrey Kovachev and Mr Kristian Vigenin.
Mr Kasoulides attended the military parade and met with the Armenian President Mr Serzh Sargsyan (photo no1), Foreign Minister Mr Nalbandian and former Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Oskanian, as well as with representatives of the academic community. He also met with the Representative of the Armenian Community in the Cypriot Parliament, Mr Vartkes Mahdessian (photo no2) and had the chance to visit the historic Khor Virap Monastery (photo no3).

Cypriot MEP congratulated his interlocutors on the country's 20th Anniversary of independence and exchanged views on the development of EU-Armenia relations, as well as on regional problems.
Mr Kasoulides, Member of the Advisory Council of the Brussels based "European Friends of Armenia" (see relevant statement below), departed from Yerevan on the 22nd of September with Armenian Prime Minister Mr Sargsyan as they were both speakers at an EPP Group´s 3-day conference which took place in Bucharest.

Brussels, 21 September 2011 - Շնորհավոր Հայաստան!* - The Europe-Armenia Advisory Council extends its warmest and most sincere congratulations to the people of Armenia today, 21 September, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. Situated in Europe’s eastern periphery, this ancient Christian country with its profound cultural richness has successfully taken on the challenge of developing its young state.
Today, Armenia faces a number of challenges, both old and new. In this, Europe stands by Armenia’s side! Armenia is now actively benefiting from the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership. Negotiations of the EU-Armenia Association Agreement are progressing fast and will eventually lead to stronger political co-operation, deeper economic integration with a comprehensive free trade agreement, and easier mobility through visa facilitation. We also welcome the Partnership for Reforms, recently set up by the European Commission and the Armenian government, which aims to strengthen democratisation, good governance, and the respect for human rights and the rule of law.
One of our biggest concerns is the rising tensions in the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Europe has shown how countries can overcome centuries of warfare, transcend their differences through economic and political integration, and base their relations exclusively on peaceful means and international law. The people of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh deserve no less. We call for the implementation of the confidence building measures agreed at the trilateral summit of March 2011 in Sochi without any further delay, and align ourselves with the call of the Minsk Group Co-Chairing countries made in May 2011 in Deauville.
On this anniversary, the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council celebrates Armenia’s achievements over the past two decades. It encourages all parts of the Armenian society to continue along the path of re-integrating Armenia into the European family, where it rightfully belongs.
The Europe-Armenia Advisory Council Members:

Dr Kornel ALMASSY, Mr Elmar BROK, Prof Massimo CACCIARI, Prof Bernard COULIE, Mr Agustín DÍAZ DE MERA GARCÍA CONSUEGRA, Dr Alexandra DOBOLYI, Mr Frank ENGEL, Dr phil Tessa HOFMANN, Ms Marie Anne ISLER BÉGUIN, Dr Ioannis KASOULIDES, Dr Andrey KOVATCHEV, Mr Paweł Robert KOWAL, Mr Riccardo MIGLIORI, Ms Joëlle Le MORZELLEC, Mr Stephen POUND, Ms Michèle RIVASI, Mr François ROCHEBLOINE, Mr François ROELANTS DU VIVIER, Mr René ROUQUET, Dr Charles TANNOCK.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged Turkey on Thursday to "revisit" its history regarding the 1915 massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, which France views as a genocide but Turkey does not.
"Turkey, which is a great country, would be honorable to revisit its history like the other great countries in the world have done: Germany, France," Sarkozy told journalists at the joint press-conference with Armenian counterpart Serge Sarkisyan.
Sarkozy arrived in Armenia on Thursday for the first stage of a two-day swing through the Caucasus that will also take him to Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Sarkozy and his delegation including four ministers, film director Alain Terzian and singers Charles Aznavour and Helene Segara, were greeted at the airport by Armenian President Serge Sarkisyan.
He will start his visit by meeting with the Patriarch of Armenia's Christian church, and then visit the Genocide Memorial Museum to pay respects to Armenians killed by the Ottomans in 1915.
A century later, this issue is likely to overshadow the visit of Sarkozy, who angered Turkey ahead of his election in 2007 by backing a law aimed at prosecuting those who refuse to recognise the event as a genocide.
Community calendar at a glance:
  • Friday 30 September at 8:30 pm - Dinner celebrations for the 80th Anniversary of the Armenian Club of Larnaca, at Sun Hall Hotel. Images from the event here:

  • Wednesday 19 October at 6:30 pm at Nareg New Hall - Nareg Parents Association Nicosia have invited the School Hokapartsioutiun, Dnorenoutiun & Staff for a first meeting and acquaintance with parents. Cocktail will follow.
  • Sunday 23 October 0 1:00 pm - Autumn Fund-Raising Luncheon organised by The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Sosse Cyprus Chapter at Homenetmen - AYMA. Adults € 15.00, children 5-12 € 5.00. For reservations call: Nora Sarian, 99889910, Louise Der Parthogh 99438349.
  • Saturday 19 November at 7:00 pm - Preparation of Madagh.
  • Sunday 20th November at 10:00 am - Feast of Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia. Divine Liturgy & Blessing of the Madagh.
  • Sunday 27 November at 4:00 pm - HOM (Armenian Relief Society) Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter’s Christmas Fund Raiser at Cleopatra Hotel for humanitarian projects in Armenia, Artsakh and Cyprus.
  • Sunday 4 December - HOM (Armenian Relief Society) Cyprus Sosse Chapter’s Stassikratous street Bazaar for humanitarian projects in Armenia, Artsakh and Cyprus.
  • Sunday 25 December at 9:00 pm – Homenetmen - AYMA Christmas Ball.
  • Sunday 1 January 2012 – Santa will be visiting Homenetmen -AYMA. Details to follow.
  • Saturday 21 January 2012 - as Kravadz Or. Details to follow.


Gibrahayer e-magazine - Nicosia - The 12th General meeting of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association “Oshagan” Cyprus Chapter took place in Homenetmen-AYMA on Thursday 29 September at 8:00 pm. Also present at the meeting was the Secretary of Hamazkayin’s Central Executive ungerouhi Arine Booloozian Kalousdian.
After the presentation of the Annual Report by ungerouhi Lily Hovsepyan, the General Meeting discussed the versatile and rich cultural projects carried out by the Cyprus “Oshagan” chapter and especially praised the excellent work and impressive performances of the SIPAN Dance Ensemble, the dancers of which implemented a tight and tough schedule of practice sessions to present a high quality show that was praised by everyone.
The meeting also praised the performance of TIMAG Theater Company and the memorable first of Natasha Tavoukdjian, who wrote and directed “Ges Hay in LA”, which received raving reviews and was warmly applauded.
Members also discussed future projects and made specific suggestions for the coming year, adopting new resolutions for 2010-2011.
The following were elected as the new members of the committee. Shoushig Bakalian - Chairperson, Natasha Tavoukdjian - Vice-Chairperson, Aram Tavitian – Treasurer and committee members Gabriella Petridou, Ani Sarkissian, Marie-Louise Kouyoumdjian and Hapet Touloumdjian.
The 2011 meeting came to its close by the final remarks of ungerouhi Arine Booloozian-Kalousdian, who ended the meeting by congratulating the new members and urged them to have constant communication and exchange of ideas with the Central Committee of Hamazkayin to ensure better results for the benefit of our cultural activities.


Gibrahayer EMagazine - 6 Հոկտեմբեր, 2011-ին, Երեւանի Կոմիտասի Այգիին մէջ բացումը կատարուեցաւ Հայ Օգնութեան Միութեան Հարիւրամեակին նուիրուած յուշարձանին։ Բացման հանդիսութեան ներկայ էին պաշտօնական նձնաւորութիւններ, հայ եւ օտար կազմակերպութիւններու ներկայացուցիչներ ինչպէս նաեւ ՀՕՄ-ականներ, որոնց մէկ մասը յատկապէս այս առիթով արտերկրէն ժամանած էր Հայաստան։
Յուշարձանը կը ներկայացնէ հայ կինը, որ իր թեւերուն մէջ կը համախմբէ հայրենիքի եւ արտերկրի հայութիւնը, որոնք կռունկներու տեսքով կը ներկայանան եւ իրենց շրջանակաձեւ թռիչքով կը պատկերեն հայ ժողովուրդի միասնութիւնն ու մէկ ամբողջութիւն ըլլալու իրողութիւնը։ Յուշարձանի հեղինակը հայրենի արուեստագէտ Գէորգ Գէորգեանն է։
Մէկ դար առաջ հիմնադրուած Հայ Օգնութեան Միութիւնը հայ կանացի հնագոյն եւ ամենատարածուն կազմակերպութիւնն է։ Ներկայիս 27 երկիրներու մէջ գործող եւ աւելի քան 15 հազար անդամ ունեցող միութիւնը սկսած է գործել 1910-ին Նիւ Եորքի մէջ եւ մէկ դար շարունակ ծառայած է հայ ժողովուրդի ընկերային, առողջապահական, կրթական եւ դաստիարակչական կարիքներուն։ Ցեղասպանութեան ու անոր յաջորդող տարիներուն հայ որբին մայր ու այրիին նեցուկ եղած ՀՕՄ-ը, խորհրդային տարիներուն դարձած էր վտարանդի։ 1988-ի երկրաշարժէն ետք նոյնինքն խորհրդային իշխանութիւններու հրաւէրով ՀՕՄ-ը վերադարձած էր Հայաստան, ուր հիմը դրած իր մարդասիրական բազմաթիւ ծրագիրներուն։
1987-էն ի վեր Հայ Օգնութեան Միութիւնը անդամ է Միացեալ Ազգերու Կազմակերպութեան Ոչ Կառավարական Կազմակերպութիւններու Տնտեսական եւ Ընկերային Խորհուրդին։ 2010-ին միութիւնը նշեց իր հարիւրամեակը աւելի քան երկու տասնեակ երկիրներու մէջ կազմակերպուած ձեռնարկներով, որոնց եզրափակումը տեղի ունեցաւ Հայաստանի, Արցախի եւ Ջաւախքի մէջ։


hamazkayin-bar-girlsPractice sessions of SIPAN Dance Ensemble of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association under Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian begin on Saturday 8 October, 2011 at Homenetmen - AYMA and will continue until the end of 2011 on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.
A new schedule with practices during the week, will be announced in 2012.
Interested to join SIPAN's Dance Ensemble?
Call Shoushig Bakalian on 99667828.

with Sevan Malikyan MA at the Cornaro Institute, 23 Mehmet Ali Street - Larnaca
MOBILE : 99162520 .

You can now also order online on



Marfin Popular Bank Public Company Ltd - A/C No: 101-1100-3421



Bank Name: Marfin Popular Bank Public Company Ltd,
Bank Address: Strovolos Industrial Area sub-Branch,
Stavrou Avenue 96-I, 2034 Nicosia - Cyprus.
A/C Name:Aynedjian Simon. A/C No: 101-33-002517(USD)
IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
CY41 0030 0101 0000 0101 3300 2517
The Swift Code No. of Marfin Popular Bank is: - BIC: LIKICY2N


Development project overlooking Larnaca Salt Lake, by three young Armenian professionals of our community. Click here .


Direct to Yerevan

Book release:

Los Angeles, CA – Political scientist, radio host, and journalist, Maria Armoudian has just released her first book Kill the Messenger: The Media’s Role in the Fate of the World today. Published by provocative, progressive and independent publisher, Prometheus Books, Kill the Messenger’s forward was written by author and political leader, Senator Tom Hayden.

The book emerged from Armoudian’s studies into the causes of genocide, war, peacemaking, democratization, and the protection of human rights and the environment, while she was working on her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, as well as during her work as a broadcast journalist and public official. Looking across conflicts and policy successes and failures, she found that media (and media professionals) were among key factors in determining political outcomes, including matters of life and death.
Written in five parts, Kill the Messenger shows how media fomented rage and genocide in Rwanda, the Holocaust and the Bosnian war; how they helped bring peace in the Northern Ireland Conflict and the war in Burundi; how media contributed to democratization and the protection of human rights in South Africa, Taiwan, Mexico, and Senegal, and how they aided both the destruction and rebuilding of democracy in Chile. In its final case study, Kill the Messenger explores the media’s role in the fate of the world, as journalists disentangle the issue of climate change for the public.
Early reviews of the book have been stellar including:
“Maria Armoudian has written a gripping book that richly and passionately demonstrates the power and importance of media to the human condition. Rich in contemporary world history, Kill the Messenger is exactly the book the world needs to read in our perilous times.”
- Robert W. McChesney, coauthor of The Life and Death of American Journalism
“Kill the Messenger clearly demonstrates how media help to shape beliefs, societies, and policies that impact the fate of the world. It’s a must read for everyone who cares about the welfare of humanity and the planet itself.”
- Ed Begley Jr., actor and environmental steward
“There’s plenty of bad news about how the media have fostered hate, from Nazi Germany to the genocide in Rwanda. But in this illuminating book, there is also lots of good news, cases where the media have advanced the cause of peace and promoted human rights and democracy. Maria Armoudian has written a crucial work for understanding the profound role played by the media in our world today.”
- Jon Wiener, contributing editor of The Nation
“Maria Armoudian wisely and insightfully inspires us to look at the character of the messenger who delivers today’s news. This book should be read by anyone concerned with the fate of the world, which should be everyone.”
– Thomas M. Kostigen, Dow Jones MarketWatch Ethics Monitor columnist and New York Times bestselling author.
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