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31 March - Yerevan - Radiolur, and combined sources - “I’ll be the first passenger of the Yerevan - Stepanakert flight” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan declared at a press conference.
Commenting on Azerbaijan’s statement that it will shoot down the planes flying from Stepanakert, Serzh Sargsyan said: “Such statements have always been made by terrorist organisations. Threats to shoot down civilian planes are nothing but nonsense.”
Yesterday, a
number of parliamentarians and social organisations in Azerbaijan urged to shoot down the first plane bound for the newly built airport in NKR capital Stepanakert.
“The Azerbaijani side must destroy the plane to express its protest against the Yerevan-Stepanakert flight,” Umid party leader Igbal Agazadeh stressed.
As he said, in doing so, Azerbaijan must not be afraid of any kind of pressure from OSCE MG co-chairing countries, including Russia.
Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) leader, Akif Nagi shares the same views. As he noted, Azerbaijan is fully entitled to shooting down the plane, which violated the airspace of the country. KLO leader characterised the Armenian President’s promise to be the first passenger of the plane bound for the newly built Stepanakert airport, as a challenge to both Azerbaijan and the international community.
PARIS - On Friday, the 25th of March, a conference-debate on “Peace and Security in the Caucasus: What is the Future of the Region?” was organised by France’s Social Democrat Hunchakian Party.
Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, the conference was held at France’s National Assembly (the lower house of Parliament of France). The conference featured well-known intellectuals including; economics Professor Gérard Ashdjian, President of “Deynergies” and former President of “GDF International” Jacques Deyirmendjian, Doctor of Geopolitical Sciences, Professor of international relations in the “ESG Paris” Frederick Ansel, Doctor of Political Sciences Talin Papazyan, the former Armenian Deputy Defense Minister, and current SD Hunchakian Party Central Committee member Vahan Shirkhanyan and a researcher at the French Institute of Geopolitics Julien Zarifyan.
The conference attendees and participants were greeted by Arman Tosun who gave the welcoming address on behalf of the conference’s organising committee. Representative and Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux, Hauts-de-Seine, André Santini welcomed the conference and congratulated ACE on taking on such an important subject matter. A message of encouragement and congratulations was read on behalf of the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly; Deputy François Rochebloine. The Armenian Ambassador to France Vigen Chitechyan emphasised the significance of the subject matter taking place within France’s National Assembly and the importance for the security in the region.
The conference-debate was moderated by Ara Toranian; Editor in Chief of the Nouvelles d’Arménie Magazine.
Professor of Economics Gérard Ashdjian presented the evolution phases of Armenia’s economy since independence.
President of “Deynergies,” Jacques Deyirmendjian, presented on the energy resources and needs of the region and the international energy market.
Professor Fréderic Encel touched upon the ever evolving and convoluted geopolitics of the region; specifically relationships between the Arab world, Turkey, Iran and Israel and its consequences on the region.
Armenian former Deputy Defense Minister Vahan Shirkhanian examined the military situation in the region while, Taline Papazian examined the geopolitical boundaries of the Karabakh conflict.
Setrak Adjemian, Chairman of the SDHP Executive Committee, stressed the importance of organising such educational conferences, thanking the organising body and wishing the newly launched Armenian Council of Europe continued success in its activities towards a notable intentions. After the conference’s presentations, a question-answer session was conducted to giving the audience an opportunity to ask and discuss the differing viewpoints towards peace and stability of the region.
The conference concluded with Saro Mardiryan expressing the organiser’s gratitude towards the participants, the honored guess as well as the French Parliament for providing the venue for the event.
Gibrahayer e-magazine - 31 March - Vartkes Mahdessian made a strong appeal by addressing education issues and urged community members to send their children to Nareg by giving them the opportunity for a tri-lingual based education. “I urge everyone to send their children to Nareg, not only because it is an Armenian school, but also because we all have worked hard in the last five years to improve the education standard and environment in the school and we can all be proud for its standard and progress” Mahdessian told Gibrahayer e-magazine. “This does not mean that all problems before us are solved, that is why I have placed the education issue of our young generation at the centre of my programme and intend to work with the school's Board, Principal, teachers and parents to improve them even further" Mahdessian concluded.
“I believe that parents that have been hesitant with sending their children to our school should re-evaluate the Nareg option, and starting from our kindergarten they should give their children the opportunity for a tri-lingual based education which will enable them to more easily choose between Nareg Gymnasium, an English-speaking school or a Greek-based public school.” the Armenian MP said.
In comments to Gibrahayer e-magazine, Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian also commented on the community Nursery project - details of which had been published in Gibrahayer e-magazine's 23 February issue - that it had moved another step forward with the active involvement of the relative Ministries. He said that a draft format would be presented very soon.
Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian noted that the community Nursery would help young working couples to overcome everyday difficulties and he was encouraged by the positive feedback he had been receiving and he was looking forward to realising this project for the benefit of our community.
AVC is pleased to announce the opening of its enrolment period for Spring Term 2011. The following courses are offered in multiple languages (including Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, English, French, Russian and Spanish) on multiple levels:
• Eastern Armenian;
• Western Armenian;
• History of Armenia;
• Introduction to Armenian Architecture;
• Introduction to Armenian Music.
The enrolment period closes on March 27. Classes start on April 11 and end on June 14. To enrol, visit the AVC website at, create your log-in and complete the enrolment application.
As a direct representative of the Armenian Culture and Education in your assigned country, we would appreciate your assistance in disseminating this information through your mailing list in order to inform candidates the opportunity to enrol.
For details and questions, please contact:
The Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is the newest learning institute of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). Through this online education, the AVC’s focus is helping learners acquire basic knowledge in Armenian studies.
AVC enables Armenian education anytime anywhere!
C.A.R. News and Views - Turkish Foreign Ministry offered a post to Daron Acemoglu as the country’s permanent representative to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). News sources first claimed he would be appointed as Turkish Ambassador to France, but Foreign Minister Davutoglu, in his press conference yesterday corrected that mistake without naming names. Acemoglu, a Turkish-Armenian and a prominent economist and academician has rejected the offer noting that his academic career has priority over political inspirations.
Critics see the offer as an act to save face against allegations of mistreatment of minorities in Turkey. Government spokespersons claim they want to normalize relations with Armenia in accordance with Turkey’s so called “zero conflict” policy with her neighbors.
Daron Acemoglu is currently Professor of Applied Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and winner of the 2005 John Bates Clark Medal. He is said to be a good candidate for a future Nobel prize in economics.
Although there are no restrictions in law, minorities in Turkey were never appointed to official posts by the state since 1950s and could not held public office. There was never a minority Member of Parliament nor a high level public servant since then.
Click here to view image all images of Michink gathering on Facebook
Also present at Sunday's Michink lunch gathering at HMEM / AYMA was the President of the Cyprus Parliament Marios Garoyian who, as a former footballer of the club, felt very much at home. He casually mingled with community members and collected wishes for a good election result in May. Instead of abusing the floor with a speech, he took the microphone and told jokes instead. Pictured above with fellow MP, Vartkes Mahdessian.
(Photo my Mikael Misho Ananikian)
New development project overlooking Larnaca Salt Lake, by three young Armenian professionals of our community Click here .
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News in Brief by Eva Iskenderian
  • Member of Sardarabad movement Zhirayr Sefilyan said that the recent changes in the behavior of the Armenian opposition, including the attempt of the Armenian National Congress to establish a dialogue with the authorities, are dictated by the West, specifically the United States.
  • President Serzh Sargsyan announced Thursday that he has urged President Barack Obama to use the word Genocide in his annual April 24 address.
  • The leader of Heritage opposition party, Armenian MP Raffi Hovannesian has terminated his hunger strike which he started on March 15. As he noted, he stopped the strike for the sake of the citizens who’ve been supporting him and for the sake of his daughter Shushi, who turned 18 on yesterday.
  • Armenian Ambassador to Singapore Armen Sargsyan (seat in Beijing) visited Singapore from March 24 to 29, to meet with heads of state bodies, Ambassadors of a number of countries, to attend celebrations of the 175th anniversary of consecration of the Armenian Church of Singapore.
  • Nobel Prize recipient Orhan Pamuk will pay 6,000 liras in total compensation to five people for writing in 2005, “The Turks have killed 30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians in this land.” Pamuk has 15 days to appeal the court decision levying the fine, according to the legal procedures.
By Professor Hovhanness Pilikian
David Cameron, Britain’s present Prime Minister, is a shining example of the best of the British Upper-crust Politician (Eton, and Oxbridge educated) – in the mould of a Chamberlain, Macmillan, Alec Douglas Home; suave, slick, civilized, with the gift of the gab, charming, sharply intelligent, fast-thinking like a Cicero, very practical, and a great Fox.
Churchill, Ted Heath, Mrs. Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown with their monetary and fiscal obsessions, Blair sordidly stuffing his pockets with dollars, Mrs. Blair selling Mr. Blair’s autograph on e-Bay for a tenner, reflect the worse of lower order scum.
But see how Etonian fox-lore subtlety operates on the world-stage; the whole world knows by now that a no-fly zone over Libya was David Cameron’s idea. A Tony Blair would have gone mad advertising the fact globally, would go to the US Senate and make a speech, to pile up more mountains of dollars in his off-shore bank-accounts. But the Eton-trained David Cameron, who has never lacked for dough, shoved France’s President Sarkozy into the arena, in magnificent subtlety getting France’s former colony, Lebanon, to seek a mandate from the United Nation’s Security Council to destroy the … farting Colonel Gaddafi. Britain’s upper-crust does not penny-pinch, like the pathetic lower-order Blairs – they play for the trillions of the Arms Dealers, represented by the expert Helicopter artiste Prince Andrew bound for Saudi Arabia next month (already in Bahrain massacring the peaceful democracy-activists), the bosom-friend of the American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and Azerbaijan’s Mafia-boss President Ilham Aliyev, who regularly threatens to genocide the Republic of Armenia out of existence, and always lends Prince Andrew his “blind Moscow masseur, claimed to be the best in the world” massaging who knows what! [Daily Mail, Cover story, 9th March 2011]
TENNIS FOR ALL - Group lessons for children and adults, private lessons for amateurs or professionals, lessons given by certified tennis coaches in Acropolis Nicosia, At Terra Santa newly-built tennis courts. You may also rent courts on a short or long-term basis. Call Jeremy on 96531869.
CYPRUS WAKE UP ! - By Simon Davidian
It’s been nearly seven long years since the Cypriot accession into the European Union and within the broad political mainstream, many do begin to ponder the question as to ‘Why did they even bother?’
The political class of the European Union has often been described as the entity that encompasses prosperity within economic and social means – envisioning great member-state benefits such as free trade within the ‘Euro Zone’ and the added factor of free people movement. What’s not to love?
But of course, what seems to be an integral benefit on the outside has lead to the biggest democratic con since the formation of the USSR. Because not only did Cyprus join a deeply flawed Union, but on the 1st of May 2004, Cyprus gave away more than 50% of its legislative power to the unelected, unaccountable professional politicians in Brussels and Strasbourg – and did the people of Cyprus receive a referendum? No. What is the role of our elected individuals if they can’t even control national agendas themselves?
Because within the depths of this political class, those on the outside start to outline the key ‘cracks’ within the system. Specific cracks that were never disclosed to the Cypriot electorate during the accession in 2004 – and within recent years, those cracks have developed to be huge gaping holes. Don’t be fooled, just because it seems prestigious, doesn’t mean it is!
In 2009, the European Union bullied all 27-member states into signing up to the ever-illusive Lisbon Treaty. Instated under a diabolical manner, the Lisbon Treaty forcefully evolved huge amounts of ‘home’ power into the centralised institutions located in Brussels and Strasbourg – and if you do not think it was ‘forceful’, just look at the example of the Irish Referendum. They voted ‘No’ on a given Treaty referendum yet were made to vote again until the result proclaimed ‘Yes’ – another nail into the coffin of Democracy.
The Lisbon Treaty abolished the right for member states to say ‘No’ within 61 policy areas such as Health, energy and foreign policy. It also ushered in a new President of the Union, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy - whom hasn’t even been elected by the people of Europe. You probably didn’t even know his name but he is paid more than President Obama himself.
Just who do these unelected, unaccountable professional politicians think they are? The then-newly proclaimed Cypriot independence of 1960 seems to be light-years away.
And to think, the Cypriot people weren’t even given a decent referendum. A chance to voice opinion – because after all, you’re paying them! It’s your taxes that are funding the tighter grip that these undemocratic bureaucrats have over you.
The Cypriots weren’t given a referendum to join the Union and likewise they weren’t given a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. How disgraceful.
Giorgos Perdikis (General Secretary of the Ecologists and Environmentalists Movement) within a 2008 debate in the Cypriot House declared the Treaty “A Crime Against Democracy” – and how he was right. Because whenever an institution stops listening to its people, it turns into a tyrannical body. Yet if the European Union does so, it’s curiously brushed under the carpet – with complements to the media.
It seems since 1974, the enemy has evolved from the Turks into the European Union.
Always question your authority. Cyprus, wake up!
Gibrahayer Calendar Events
  • Saturday, 2 April 2011 at 5:00 pm - Michink meeting (havak), organised by the Ladies' Guild, under the patronage of Archbishop Varoujan at the Utudjian Hall. The speaker will be Lili Hovsepian, on the subject of "Medz Bahki Avantagan Sovoroutiunner Irani mech" (The traditional customs of the Great Lent in Persia).
  • Tuesday 5 April at 9:30 pm (kick-off 9:45 pm) - Tottenham Hotpurs supporters welcome you to an evening of Champions League Football at HMEM / AYMA.
  • Wednesday, April 6 at 6 pm - Lecture at Sourp Asdvadzadzin church by Vera Tahmazian: "Manouge, Engerayin Hartser yev Arti Michotsner" (The child, social questions and modern media).
  • Wednesday 6 April at 9:00 pm (kick-off 9:45 pm) - Champions League nights at HMEM / AYMA - Chelsea Vs Manchester United.
  • Friday 8 April at 8:00 pm - The Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter and Roupen Nahabedian invite you to the opening of an art selling exhibition of works by French-Armenian expressionist painter, Garabed A. Momdjian (Bolis 1922 – Paris 2006) at the Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature. G.A. Momdjian was born in Bolis in 1922 and is the recipient of many prizes, amongst which, 1st prize of Chambre de Metiers de la Seine, 1956, 1st prize at Festival Artistique et Culturel de JAF, 1957 and Medaille d’Argent de la Ville de Paris, which is one of the highest honours awarded to nationals of any country in recognition of their contributions to French and/or international culture. Duration of exhibition: 8–10 April, 11am-1pm & 5:00–7:00pm.
  • Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 6:30 pm: Armenian Evangelical Church Service in Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos Street, Nicosia. Guest speaker: Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni (from USA- originally from Cyprus).
  • Monday, April 11 at 8:00 pm - Book Launching: Manuel Kassouni (Cyprus - Armenian scholar and educator) Historical studies Reminiscences and Memoires and recognition (Barkevadroum) for Mrs. Nevart Panayotidou - Kassouni long years of community services in Cyprus. The event will take place in Utudjian Hall, under the auspices of Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, and the patronage of Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian, Armenian Representative in Cyprus Parliament.
  • Tuesday 12 April at 7.30 pm - Painting Exhibition by Sevan Malikyan entitled “Painting Within” at Kypriaki Gonia Gallery in Larnaca. Opening by Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian. British Armenian actor Kevork Malikyan will also be present at the opening.
  • Tuesday 12 April AT 9:45 - Champions League Night at HMEM / AYMA.
  • Wednesday 13 Aprilat 10:00 am - Armenian Day at Dhali Gymnasium, organised by Levon Kazandjian. Main speaker: President of the Cyprus Parliament Marios Garoyian.
  • Friday, April 15 at 6:00 pm - Lecture at the Sourp Asdvadzadzin church by Violette Tashdjian on the topic of "Manouge yev Azkayin Mshagouyte" (The child and the national culture).
  • Saturday 16 April at 4:00 pm - Easter Tea Bazaar Fundraiser for Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter's humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh at AYMA / HMEM.
  • Sunday April 17 at 11:00 am - after Church service - Dzaghgazart Cake Bazaar organised by Nareg Parents Association Nicosia, at Nareg school's entrance Hall.
  • Sunday April 17 at 8:00 pm - Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter's annual theatrical performance at PASIDY Hall. "Ges hay in LA" written and directed by Natasha Tavoukjian.
  • Wednesday 27 April at 8:00 pm - Kravadz or in Nicosia.
  • GIBRAHAYER e-magazineSaturday April 30 - Melkonian Institute 85th anniversary event. Details to follow.
  • Wednesday 4 May at 5:30 pm in Nicosia - Kravadz or. Details to follow.
  • Friday May 6 at 8:00pm - Annual performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at the Palace Theatre in Nicosia. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
  • Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastery organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian. Details to follow.
  • Tuesday 10 May at 10 pm - Eurovision Night at HMEM / AYMA. (semi finals). Details to follow.
  • Wednesday 11 May at 7:30 pm in Nicosia - Kravadz or. Details to follow.
    Saturday 14 May at 10:00 pm - Eurovision Night at HMEM / AYMA. (Finals). Details to follow.
  • Sunday 15 May at 6:00 pm - Larnaca Performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at Larnaca Municipality Hall. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
  • Wednesday 18 May at 5:00 pm in Nicosia -Kravadz or. Details to follow.
  • Sunday 22 May - Parliamentary elections for the new House of Representatives, including elections for the seat of the Armenian MP.

A few words about the play: The Medzavorian family - originally from Beirut - Lebanon have been living in Los Angeles, California for 40 years. They have one daughter named Sevan, aged 35. She is attractive and very smart. Despite being a lawyer by profession, she has always succumbed to her parent’s old fashioned ideas and still lives at their home. They have managed to stop her from getting married to a non Armenian for all these years, but as a result, they have also managed to keep her from getting married. She is fine with that, but they are not. Her best friend encourages her to check out a single’s website where she meets an Armenian man, a dream man.
It all sounds too good to be true …
Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra - A Pan-Armenian movement, the nerkaght took place over a long period of time, when Soviet Armenia called upon the patriotic sentiments of Diasporan Armenians, in order to migrate to their “homeland”, their ultimate destination. The biggest wave was between 1946-1949, with 102.277 nerkaghtoghner. In 1947, nearly 2.000 Armenian-Cypriots had registered to go (nearly half of the community), but eventually didn’t, as the quota was filled from elsewhere. The very active Hayastani Paregamats Mioutiun and its mouthpiece, the “Nor Arax” newspaper, were the prime supporters of the Gibrahayots nerkaghti sharjoum.
When the final nerkaght fever broke out in 1962, Armenian-Cypriots were amongst the first and most passionate who wanted to go, with about 800 having registered (about a fourth of the community). The “Henaran” newspaper and the local AGBU branches were the prime supporters of this movement, together with two liaison officers at the Soviet Embassy and the very active Cyprus-Soviet Association. The left-wing Greek-speaking “Haravgi” newspaper provided extended coverage of the issue. Although my research is still ongoing, I did manage to find that the ones who did go went in three batches, in 1962, 1963 and 1964. The majority were placed in Girovagan (Vanatsor), while some were placed in Leninagan (Gyumri).
Having bought the dreams and promises sold by an influential group of people who, although they fervently organised the movement, would not themselves go, the nerkaghtoghner were almost immediately disillusioned by the grim reality they faced, as they were not accustomed to that sort of life. After going through numerous ordeals, the vast majority eventually managed to come back, mainly from Baku. As far as I know, the ardakaght started in 1967 and continued until a few years ago. For those who returned, as well as many others, the nerkaght is a controversial matter: torn between their love for Hayastan and what they experienced, they seldom talk about the issue.
Armenian Sports by Sevag Devletian
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Every Sunday at Terra Santa Futsal Pitch at 11:00 am
Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian
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